Software Engineer - Borrower Core ( Front End )

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San Francisco, CA

Industry: Technology


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Posted 168 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Borrower Core builds the experience that all borrowers using the Blend platform go through. Your job is ensuring that users have a seamless, trust-inducing experience with a complicated application process, regardless of their accessibility needs, demographic, or device (the application is fully responsive, and we see around 15% mobile usage). You own the borrower-facing experience top-to-bottom -- while the work is weighted toward the frontend, many features include backend components as well.

We collaborate closely with design and product to design, build, and iterate on the best possible experience for the borrower. We’re also constantly working to improve our developerexperience; in fact, we have a “study hall” morning once per sprint where we take time to dig into something that we’ve been meaning to learn about, whether that’s a library that we’ve been using or a brand new technology that might be useful.

Blend is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity, inclusion and belonging. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

Core technologies

  • We write frontend features with React in ES6/Typescript. We find that typechecking helps us catch errors earlier, test better, and ultimately ship quicker and with higher quality. Because our app is white-labeled (think dynamic styling), we use Aphrodite (CSS-in-JS) for all of our styling. Our team also builds and owns its own deployment infrastructure and application serving pipeline, so we can ship whenever we need to and have full control over making the delivery pipeline as quick and seamless as possible.
  • On the backend, we write Node.js/Express in ES6/Typescript, and sometimes Go.

Within one month, you’ll:

  • Complete our company-wide onboarding program, Blend U, which will teach you about how we build, test, and release software, as well as give you an understanding of where Blend lives in the lending ecosystem and why what we’re doing is so critical
  • Ramp up on our tech stack, and likely ship your first feature. Almost all new hires have code in production by the end of their first week!
  • Spend lots of time with your “Blend friend,” or onboarding partner, who’ll help you navigate our codebase, our release process, and answer any questions you might have

Within three months, you’ll:

  • Work with product and design to plan and implement your first fully-owned feature
  • Spot and fix a bug in production from code you’ve written
  • Share something you’ve learned with other UI-facing engineers as part of a study hall

Within six months, you’ll:

  • Add something to our component library that improves the interaction we have with design and engineering, and people will cheer for you
  • Review code for both your team members and people from other teams who want to add functionality

Within twelve months, you’ll:

  • Onboard a new team member
  • Own a substantial portion of functionality in the borrower-facing app and other internal tools
  • Be part of a cross-functional “tiger team” to get an exciting new company priority off the ground