Software Engineer 3D C++


Raleigh, NC

Industry: Consumer Goods / Miscellaneous


5 - 7 years

Posted 374 days ago

Client requires US Citizenship -Government contractor

Notes from client:

  • We would want to interview a candidate who has a distinctive hardware / software background with a strong indication of being able to develop complex or technical algorithms but who might not have any background in 3D sensors.
  • We would want to interview a candidate who has the a distinctive hardware / software background , and a strong algorithmic background but may not have C++ as a strong language. We would find out if they would feel comfortable / be able to learn C++ as part of their job duties.
  • If it’s an otherwise really strong candidate who is not terribly fantastic at communicating with non-technical people, we would still want to interview them to see if they can work well within just our technical group.
  • If a candidate couldn’t work “full pipeline” but would be fantastic at evaluating, developing and troubleshooting the interactions with our 3D sensors – we would consider them.

Hardware / Software Engineer

This is a senior level position. We would like a candidate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in a related field with work experience, or a higher degree in a related field with work experience being desirable but not necessary.

Company needs individuals who are excited about 3D sensor technology! We require a strong programmer who can work with new 3D sensors as they come to market, evaluate them for quality and robustness, and implement a full 3D data body scanning pipeline. This individual must have strong teamwork and collaboration skills. They must be able to research and discuss technical topics with teammates at different levels of technical skill. They must be a creative problem solver who enjoys algorithm development and enjoys solving technical problems towards business goals.

Required technical skills:

  • Experienced C++ programmer
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Research and digest technical algorithmic papers
  • Creatively develop, refine and test algorithms
  • Evaluate 3D sensors as they enter the market in terms of data quality and reliability
  • Work on full pipeline solutions for 3D sensors with regards to body scanning technology
  • Comfortable working with legacy code base
  • Comfortable and skilled at collaborating with technical and non-technical people
  • Strong debugging skills

Highly Desired skills:

  • Matlab
  • OpenCV and other technical image processing libraries
  • Image and 3D Data Processing
  • Electricalengineering or related “hardware” expertise
  • Driver & firmwareexperience (working with, developing.. etc..)
  • program optimization
  • Comfortable doing presentations (potentially for conferences)
  • Comfortable interfacing with customers for troubleshooting and requirements gathering
  • Bitbucket / Git source control
  • Agile development environment using JIRA

$90K - $110K