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Senior Software Power Engineer - Contractor in Plantation, FL



$80K - $100K*


Software Development


Not Specified

Job Description


Responsible for various power consumption problems from the software side. Fast analysis of problems and find ad-hoc solutions. Must be able to demonstrate the technical skill of understanding complex software systems, analyze and design systems taking into account power optimization problems. Seeking strong communication skills and the ability to work in an environment with interdisciplinary teams.


  • Strong coding level for C++ and C
  • Good coding level using shell and/or Python
  • Experience with power issues localization and analysis, in kernel and userspace (for active and idling scenarios)
  • Experience of generic problems analysis on Linux/Android
  • logs analysis, manual and with tools for logs analysis
  • ad-hoc test scripting to localize an issue
  • kn
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Valid through: 2020-5-19

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