Senior Software Engineer - Platform Performance and Stability

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Seattle, WA

Industry: Business Services


5 - 7 years

Posted 351 days ago is looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will work with our application platform stability and performance team.
The responsibilities of this role include maintaining and improving critical infrastructure such as our messaging platform, asynchronous task queue, and monitoring and alerting systems.  You will be responsible for driving improvements to the scalability of our systems and of the team in general.  You will work on improving end point performance, breaking out services, and improving developer tooling.  You will also work to improve our monitoring and alerting to reduce mean time to regression and failure detection.
Excellent candidates will excel at diving into a problem with no predefined solution, defining that solution, and then breaking up the implementation so that it can be worked on by multiple engineers.  Qualified candidates should have a firm understanding of database mechanics, query optimization, and profiling tools.
This is a very exciting and challenging role.  You will beworking with the most important systems that Rover has and working to make them scalable and performant as we grow.  It is important that you are comfortable with grappling with the big picture as well as root cause analysis and understanding the importance of focussing on impact in a growing startup.    

Your Qualifications:

    • 6+ years as a professional software developer
    • (3+ years working with Django and Python) OR (3+ years working with Ruby on Rails AND 3+ years working with any other programming language)
    • Excellent TDD and test automation skills
    • Excellent debugging, profiling, and root cause analysis skills
    • Experience with query optimization tools both at a database and ORM query optimization level
    • Working knowledge of software development lifecycle and Agile development practices -- we run a continuous delivery operation (10 minutes from commit to live on site)

Our style:

    • We are proud to be professional software developers building high quality, scalable, supportable solutions
    • We embrace progressive engineering practices including a continuous deployment pipeline, automated testing and deployment. Our engineers just merge their branch and it ships.
    • We're serious about the quality of our production operation, and have thorough system, application and user interaction monitoring and anomaly detection.
    • We're thoughtful and focused on decision-making with split testing
    • Our teams are integrated team with developers, product managers and designers working side-by-side.
    • And, dogs in the office. Bring yours, too!

Why we'll hire you:

    • You're qualified for the position and your values align with Rover's Core Values
    • You get along well with others and thrive in a collaborative, team-oriented environment
    • You're eager to learn and improve your craft as a software engineer
    • You're able to take loose requirements, work withothers to figure out what needs to be done, and drive a project forward
    • You can be your own QA team
    • You have the intuition for when to call it "good enough" and ship, and when to put in the extra time to polish