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Senior Python Developer at Schrodinger in New York, NY



$80K — $100K *


Software Development


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Job Description

Schrödinger, a leader in the field of computational biochemistry, is seeking a software developer to write and maintain Python application and GUI code across many of our scientific products. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to transition from research science into full-time professional software development while still leveraging a scientific background. The role involves writing complex, science-related interfaces, tools, and workflows, but generally does not include scientific work such as method development, validation, or data analysis.

The ideal candidate will have a Masters or PhD in Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, or Physics, along with experience writing object-oriented code with multiple components/modules. Previous experience in professional software development is not required, but an interest in adopting best engineering practices is.

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Valid through: 7/17/2020

About Schrodinger

Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger (German: ['???vi?n '??ø?d???]; 12 August 1887 – 4 January 1961), sometimes written as Erwin Schrodinger or Erwin Schroedinger, was a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of quantum theory, which formed the basis of wave mechanics: he formulated the wave equation (stationary and time-dependent Schrödinger equation) and revealed the identity of his development of the formalism and matrix mechanics. Schrödinger proposed an original interpretation of the physical meaning of the wave function. In addition, he was the author of many works in various fields of physics: statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, physics of dielectrics, colour theory, electrodynamics, general relativity, and cosmology, and he made several attempts to construct a unified field theory. In his book What Is Life? Schrödinger addressed the problems of genetics, looking at the phenomenon of life from the point of view of physics. He paid great attention to the philosophical aspects of science, ancient and oriental philosophical concepts, ethics, and religion. He also wrote on philosophy and theoretical biology. He is also known for his "Schrödingers cat" thought-experiment. On 12 August 1887, Schrödinger was born in Erdberg (de), Vienna, Austria, to Rudolf Schrödinger (de) (cerecloth producer, botanist) and Georgine Emilia Brenda Schrödinger (née Bauer) (daughter of Alexander Bauer (de), Professor of Chemistry, Technische Hochschule Vienna). He was their only child.
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