Senior Manager, Compliance - Tangerine Investments

Scotiabank   •  

Toronto, ON

5 - 7 years

Posted 242 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Job Purpose

The Senior Manager, Compliance – Tangerine Investments is responsible for overseeing and supporting the Mutual Fund Dealer Compliance Head Office Review Program by ensuring that the Program remains in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and SRO policies applicable to mutual fund sales and dealers. 

Specific aspects of the Compliance Program include development/maintenance and implementation of supporting policies, procedures, manuals, guides, etc.; oversight of Regulatory investigations and reporting as required, oversight of service providers/support units (such as Scotiabank Registrations, Office of the President, Contact Centres/Investment Support and CAUs); and reporting to regulatory authorities and management; providing input into system initiatives.

The Senior Manager also assists the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), as necessary, in providing reasonable assurance to Senior Management and the Tangerine Investment Funds Ltd. (“TIFL”) Board of Directors that TIFL, as a mutual fund dealer, complies in a cost effective manner with governing securities regulations and internal policies and procedures.

In doing so, the incumbent is responsible for fostering public trust and satisfactory relationships with Regulators and minimizing the risk of financial loss, damage to reputation, regulatory sanction, and litigation, fines or penalties for the organization and the respective Directors, Officers and employees.

Key Accountabilities

1. Maintaining  Regulatory Awareness:

  • Maintain current knowledge of applicable and proposed dealer regulations through participation in industry associations and seminars, contact with Securities Regulators and the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA) and through review of Provincial Securities Commissions, MFDA, IFIC, and other industry publications/websites.
  • Provide analysis and recommendations for implementation of the MFDA rules and policies, and maintain an ongoing awareness of any MFDA changes or initiatives.
  • Act as a reference source regarding regulations and legal issues applicable to TIFL’s dealer operations in Canada.
  • Provide support to Tangerine and its affiliates by responding to questions about regulatory matters or Regulations and to support service to SSI’s customer.

2. Developing Policies, Practices, Procedures, Systems and Training Programs:

  • Develop and maintain the Policies and Procedures and any other manuals, guides and notices, as directed.
  • Document and assist with the implementation of compliance policies and procedures, reviews and training programs etc. which must also be evaluated taking into consideration legal requirements, MFDA and AML requirements, existing Bank procedures and systems, business risks, efficiency and the supervisory and management controls required.
  • Assist with the development, implementation and monitoring of training programs for mutual fund registrants as mandated by the MFDA and any ongoing education requirements that result from implementation of financial planning legislation, MFDA requirements, or any other applicable regulatory authority.
  • Assist in evaluating requirements/policies for new product and/or process implementations and systems initiatives.
  • Implement oversight program regarding internal service providers
  • Oversight and maintenance of business continuity plan and related testing activities

3. Monitoring and Reporting on Compliance:


  • Oversee effective investigation of, response to, and follow-up on Regulatory Investigations, and effective reporting to management and the regulators is completed.
  • Conduct regular internal review of compliance department processes
  • Monitor oversight program and complaint program to ensure service levels from internal service providers are being met
  • Conduct, as may be periodically assigned, compliance reviews (internal, branches or specialized units) to ensure the effectiveness of daily and periodic management supervision and that operational controls supporting mutual fund processing are adequate and/or are operating effectively.
  • Completion of Enterprise-wide Compliance Risk Assessments


  • Assist in the control, evaluation and response to:
  • Any serious irregular activity, such as fraud, kiting or serious incidence of non-compliance.
  • Any queries that require a formal response or submission to a Securities Regulator or the MFDA.
  • The receipt of advice of any legal action commenced against TIFL.

And in a timely manner report, commensurate with risk:

  • Negative trends and any known or perceived weaknesses in policies, practices, procedures, systems, staffing or training which could lead to non-compliance or risk of loss.
  • As directed by the CCO, progress on implementation of new policies and procedures or corrective actions required.
  • Prepare the periodic reporting to summarize the results of HO supervision, branch compliance and trade reviews.
  • Any other matters to the CCO, Group Compliance or regulators, as required

4. Remedying Non-Compliance and Resolving Problems:

  • Recommend and monitor the progress of implementing appropriate action plans to correct:
  • Incidents of non-compliance (and prevent their reoccurrence).
  • Weaknesses in policies, practices, procedures, systems and/or training.
  • Investigation of serious non-compliance matters

5. Liaising with Regulators/Auditors:

  • Assist with the co-ordination/management of any Regulatory examinations by a Securities Commission or the MFDA, any Internal Auditaudits or any investigations by either a Regulator or Scotiabank Group and co-ordinate as requested and under the direction of the CCO.
  • Provide input into any proposed new or amended regulation.
  • Manage the process of the MFDA Sales Compliance Examination, including preparation, responding to the report and implementation of remedial measures.

In addition, the Senior Manager will participate in other assignments as they arise, including projects arising from Bank or regulatory initiatives or changes, providing input into system initiatives, identifying compliance training needs, and communicating findings and implementing corrective actions.


  • The incumbent should have a thorough, current knowledge of securities and other relevant regulations in all jurisdictions across Canada applicable to the sale and distribution of mutual funds, including relevant National Instruments for Registration and Mutual Funds, MFDA By-Laws, Rules, Policies and Notices and other regulations as may be implemented from time to time.
  • The incumbent must develop a sound knowledge of the policies of Tangerine and its affiliates as well as procedures and manuals relating to the sale and distribution of mutual funds through TIFL.  The incumbent also must develop a thorough knowledge of investment products sold through TIFL and a good working knowledge of general and current  industry issues and developments.
  • The incumbent must have the ability to develop and maintain effective compliance controls, technology systems, training programs and dealer communications and policies.
  • Once established, the incumbent must possess good management, communication and decision-making skills to supervise staff and to support effective teamwork and relationship management. 
  • The post requires understanding of the risk based approach to compliance, the ability to evaluate risk, to identify control weaknesses, to recommend actions, to contribute to development of policies, to implement supporting procedures and to report on non-compliance effectively.
  • Effective plain English communication skills both oral and written are required. The incumbent must be able to write policies and procedures and develop training and certification programs.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint required.
  • The incumbent must be able to identify regulatory requirements and develop technology and systems requirements and business cases.
  • The incumbent should have an undergraduatedegree and, at least 5 years related experience in the securites industry or with an industry regulator.
  • The Senior Manager should have completed the following IFSE courses, or equivalent: Canadian Investment Funds Course, Branch Managers Examination Course, the Officers’ Partners’ and Directors’ Examination, and or MFDA Dealer Compliance Course.
  • The individual must be acceptable to the MFDA as an Alternate Chief Compliance Officer.
  • The incumbent is expected to maintain an in-depth knowledge of operational conditions throughout the SSI Branch network and the state or regulatory matters, to resolve issues of non-compliance and to escalate issues promptly that are deemed to be serious, or have broad or national impact.

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