Senior Javascript Application Engineer

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Chicago, IL

Industry: Professional, Scientific & Technical Services


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Posted 212 days ago

This job is no longer available.

The Apollo team’s mission is to build and support the next generation of tools and frameworks to author, develop, present, and drive responsive HTML5 experiences called “Interactive Conversations.”  Our primary products are Talentshow, an internal authoring tool used to create HTML5 conversations using React Redux, and Talentshow Runtime, a runtime engine to process Talentshow data and determine the flow of the conversation using React-Redux.  Talentshow was originally built to support ALEX, and now we’re getting it ready to support a suite of exciting new products.  We’re working hard to expand the scope of what Apollo’s products can do, so we’re looking for some great engineers to join and help us keep forging ahead.

To be successful in this role you must be the kind of software engineer who can produce strong front end code - a person who is looking to play with some cool technology and build some great products. Whether you got your start with a Computer Science degree, attending a boot camp, or by writing code on the side, you know what it is to write code and you love doing it. 

There's a great deal of collaboration with a diverse team (which often leads to having fun) at Jellyvision. You'll be working on a bunch of different (but related) projects at any given time. Development is a team effort at Jellyvision, and all our development teams use Scrum or Kanban, which means every day involves working with product owners, Scrum Masters, QA, SREs, and the users we have right here in the building.

You’ll be talking to a lot of people without a strong technical background. You have experience communicating your ideas to and collaborating with non-engineers.

On a day-to-day basis, you'll be working on our products and on the tools that help the rest of the company build those products. You'll add features, fix bugs (what, bugs?! never!), test the stuff you built, and be involved in designing the next features and tools coming down the line.


Our client-side code runs on (surprise!) JavaScript, and our server-side code uses Ruby. Since this is a front-end role, we’re looking for a Javascript pro.

  • Javascript: An understanding of Javascript ES5 and ES6 as well as Webpack and Docker containers would help you hit the ground running. We use React and Redux extensively, so we're looking for someone with React experience. What's important is that you can apply your knowledge toward writing JavaScript-based web applications.
  • HTML & CSS: Anyone who's done some web development will have written HTML and CSS, so bonus points if you're familiar with a templating language like Mustache or Dust or a CSS preprocessor like Less or Sass.
  • Testing: You should be the kind of person who tests their code as a part of writing it, whether that's TDD-style or writing them after the fact. You should know your way around a testing suite or two.
  • Source Control: Experience developing software with Git or some other kind of source control will benefit you greatly. If you've been using SVN or Mercurial and you're ready for something new, we're open to that. Most of your teammates will be happy to show you the ropes.
  • Experience: We’re looking for seasoned folks who are Javascript pros. You’re the kind of engineer who can ramp up quickly and contribute meaningfully by owning major features, encouraging software development best practices, and helping guide your team. We'd like to hear about how you've served as a technical expert in a product development process, how you've collaborated successfully with stakeholders and teammates, and how you've dealt with challenging technical problems.

ANYTHING ELSE?  We share a commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, so we only hire nice, bright, funny people who are willing to work hard.  Our credo is a simple one: be helpful. And we think we can be most helpful if our workforce is as diverse in thought, perspective, and culture as the people who use our products. We are looking to add amazing folks to our team who will bring diversity across many lines, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, sex, and country of origin.