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Senior Java Engineer in San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA 94102
7w ago



Software Development


5 - 7 years

Job Description

The mobile team in San Francisco is responsible for the development and support of Meltwater's cutting edge mobile applications. Meltwater is committed to becoming a "Mobile First" organization. Having a larger mobile presence in the market is a competitive differentiator for us and is thus a top priority!

We are looking for an experienced Java engineer to lead the work on the BFF that supports our mobile applications. In this role you will be critical to the development and support of these applications.

Our mobile applications are supported by a Java and Spring Boot BFF.

In addition, we use Docker, Puppet, Drone, GraphQL, RabbitMQ and more to build and deploy the microservices that comprise our BFF.

Our services are deployed on a mixture of physical datacenters and AWS cloud, and we take great pride in the DevOps mindset and skills that allow us to manage all of these resources as a team.

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Valid through: 2020-2-21

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Meltwater is water released by the melting of snow or ice, including glacial ice, tabular icebergs and ice shelves over oceans. Meltwater is often found in the ablation zone of glaciers, where the rate of snow cover is reducing. Meltwater can be produced during volcanic eruptions, in a similar way in which the more dangerous lahars form. When meltwater pools on the surface rather than flowing, it forms melt ponds. As the weather gets colder meltwater will often re-freeze. Meltwater can collect or melt under the ices surface. These pools of water, known as subglacial lakes can form due to geothermal heat and friction. Meltwater provides drinking water for a large proportion of the worlds population, as well as providing water for irrigation and hydroelectric plants. Some cities around the world have large lakes that collect snow melt to supplement water supply. Cities that source water from meltwater include Melbourne, Canberra, Los Angeles, Las Vegas amongst others.
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