Senior Data Scientist - Machine Learning


Morrisville, NC

Industry: Retail / Diversified


5 - 7 years

Posted 366 days ago

  by    Vishnu Vardhan

Job Description:

Using your deep knowledge of numerical and statistical packages (Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, R) to…

Implement a gradient-boosting classifier to predict whether a person is likely to visit a car dealership based on the advertising signals they’ve received.

Use a Bayesian dynamic time series model to estimate the causal impact of an advertising campaign on sales at your neighborhood grocery.

Model the complex interactions between system architecture components to refactor and rethink key components and models in an advertising system.

Develop algorithms to optimize the setting of every lever in our advertising infrastructure.

Analyze data to better understand how a neighborhood’s consumption of web pages correlates with visits to a local big box store.

Build a time series model to forecast future sales of diapers for one of our clients.

Model the effects of environmental changes on promotion effectiveness with multiple regression.


Writing complex database queries using distributed computing frameworks: MapReduce, Hadoop, Impala and Spark to establish links between large datasets in order to…

Find the handful of outliers in billions of transactions.

Evaluate competing bidding models for RTB auctions to inform our bid pricing strategy.

Feed data into your latest ensemble model aimed at maximizing the return on a client's online advertising budget.


Leveraging your experience with real world data to…

Derive a set of new features that will help us better understand the interplay between geography and audience features to improve our model performance.

Discover and explore third party data sources to determine their value for improving our model performance.

Build new data-driven products and bring them to market.


Provide technical leadership to …

Mentor other data scientists in algorithms, models, tools, and products that make the team more efficient.

Participate in planning, roadmap, and architecture discussions to help evolve our data science into revenue-generating products.

Engage in code and model reviews to continually raise the bar on our work.

Draw data flows and architecture designs on the white board to encourage understanding and cohesive development towards your solution.

Meet with customers and help map business needs into product requirements.



Education & Experience:

 6 to 9+ years of experience with responsibilities similar to those listed above, preferably at a software development company

Advanced degree(s) in a relevant, quantitative field (e.g. mathematics, statistics, econometrics, operations research, etc.)

Ability to mentor and guide team members of varying experience levels through data science, product and software development life cycles

$100K - $150K