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Fort Leavenworth, KS

5 - 7 years

Posted 238 days ago

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Position Description:

Put your years of experience into a future of excellence at CGI Federal. We are seeking a Seminar Leader to support operations in our Ft. Leavenworth, KS location.

Your future duties and responsibilities:

UFMCS provides education, research, and training for Army, Joint, and other government agencies needing red teaming capability. Target students are graduates of the United States Army Command and General Staff College or equivalent intermediate and senior level schools. The Red Team Leaders Course is graduate-level education of 720 academic hours (18 weeks) designed to effectively anticipate change, reduce uncertainty, and improve operational decisions. UFMCS-trained red teams look at problems from the perspective of the adversary with the goal of identifying alternative strategies. UFMCS leads the development of concepts, doctrine, training and LD programs, and TTPs for red teaming; and the collection of open source intelligence in support of concepts, strategies, technologies, plans, operations, and execution in operational and institutional venues. UFMCS serves as the TRADOC lead for the Civilian Intelligence Analyst Education program.

Seminar Leader Support
Seminar leaders will review of Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) structure changes or force design updates associated with Army and Joint Structure for red teams. This includes participation in conferences and support to government officials at organization review activities. The Seminar Leader shall:
• Assure an understanding and familiarity with Organization and Operations Concepts for Army Formations and know the approved MTOE structure. Maintain a current understanding as changes to MTOE are made based on government updates.

• Review MTOE structure changes or force design updates associated with Army and Joint Structure for red teams so that UFMCS remains continually aware of proposed or actual DoD red team organizational requirements in the force structure.

• Remain engaged and assure current knowledge of Army Capstone and Operating Concepts and requirements associated with TRADOC Regulation 10-5 and AR 220-
• Attend doctrinal conferences and conferences associated with doctrine development and joint or army exercises as red team role players or red team trainers to student red teams at these efforts.
• Develop and deliver research papers at conferences, or articles for publication related to the red teaming, doctrine, or adaptive LD as approved by the Government.
• Review or prepare inputs to doctrine under revision as requested by the Government.
• Produce research resulting in a paper or article for submission or delivery at a minimum once annually.
• Review or develop UFMCS input to doctrine revision as requested by the Government.
• Develop and provide seminar instruction (including MTTs).
• Provide advance book updates (continual refinement of the curriculum) for 18-week, 9-week, 6-week, and 2-week seminars.
• Review seminar instruction and advance book updates in a UFMCS course rehearsal prior to every course report date.
• Identify changes to readings or methods IAW Curriculum Guidance provide by the Government Curriculum Development Officer.
• Coordinate with the Government Curriculum Development Officer to identify SME requirements associated with the POI.
• Maintain proficiency in curriculum by reading assigned books for review in support of curriculum development as provided by the government. Contractor’s assigned specific blocks of instruction for development will determine the class readings, review the readings, and do research in support of the curriculum assigned.
• Meet the following elements of performance for seminar instruction:
• Support student surveys and AARs.
• Evaluate students IAW government provided standards including written, oral, and exercise performance.
• Manage course calendars to assure effective use of SMEs. Coordinate with SMEs to assure they meet requirements as developed in course elements of learning objectives.
• Conduct seminars using the Socratic Method.
• Develop insightful questions to drive discussion in seminar and coordinate those questions, as required, with SMEs.
• Bring in current events as appropriate.
• Engage with students, faculty, and graduates on red team central.
• Conduct practical exercises in support of teaching Red Team TTPs, at a minimum, twice a week.
• Lead Operation Experiences IAW opportunities to support units in the field or as indicated by the Government.
• Support Course Exercises, including Black List and Freedonia, per the Course Maps and instructions provided by the Government.

Required qualifications to be successful in this role:

A Master's Degree in a directly related field AND minimum 5 years' directly related experience are required for this position.

Position ID: J0318-1205

A Secret US security clearance is required for this position.
Due to the nature of the government contract requirements and/or clearance requirements, US citizenship is required.