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Less than 5 years

Posted 8 weeks ago

Will work under Dr. Guillermo Tearney to help implement, test, and deploy novel and customized medical imaging device applications. These tools will be used to analyze and visualize optical imaging and microscopy datasets, from both clinical and biological experiments. Core skills or capabilities in the technologies of C/C++, VisualStudio, Qt, and version control are desirable. Additional skills and experience with Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP), MATLAB, ImageJ, LabView, embedded operating systems, Arduino, and GPU programming are helpful. In this position, the software engineer will develop standalone medical imaging device applications according to an industry standard design control process.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Programming standalone applications capable of data acquisition, image reconstruction, display, analysis, and storage in C/C++;
  2. Validation and debugging of developed software applications;
  3. Document all software according to best design control practices within an existing version control database.
  4. Develop and translate algorithms written in Matlab to C/C++ based programs.

Skills/Abilities/Competencies Required:

  1. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team of program managers, scientists, engineers, clinical regulatory staff, and physicians
  2. Ability to diagnose and solve software problems
  3. Ability to develop standalone acquisitions in C++
  4. Ability to develop software for data acquisition
  5. Computer literacy to the level of at least word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, statistics, engineering tools and programming
  6. Skill in technical writing

Working Conditions:

May work in research laboratory or clinical site with potential exposure to biological agents, e.g., blood-borne pathogens, hazardous electrical, e.g., high voltage, or mechanical energy. Occasional lifting of heavy objects, typically not exceeding 75 pounds/person may be requested. MGH policies governing appropriate laboratory attire will be followed including use of personal protective equipment.


BS in Engineering or related technical field required


Minimum of 1 year of experience in building and debugging software project