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Regional Sales Director - Tradecraft in Chicago, IL



$80K - $100K*


Sales Management & Operations, Sales


Less than 5 years

Job Description

Job Summary

As the Regional Sales Director, you will build the business and brand presence while driving the Company's growth in your region through strategic new customer acquisitions. You will proactively prospect and close new business on a direct basis and through Tradecraft's network of vendor partners. This role reports into the RVP of Sales for Tradecraft. This is an individual contributor role that requires a "hunter" mindset.

You are integral to bringing the Tradecraft brand to a new market and spreading the craft coffee and tea love in the local market.

You get:

  • To work with top craft coffee roasters across the nation
  • Job flexibility
  • Incredible opportunities for career growth and mobility within the Company
  • To enjoy an informal dress code balanced by a passionate, innovative and driven team
  • And did I say, exceptional coffee and artisan products

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Valid through: 2020-5-14

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