Project Planner


Irvine, CA

Industry: Aerospace / Defense


Less than 5 years

Posted 289 days ago

  by    Rahul Raj

This job is no longer available.

Job Description:

?        The Project Planner supports the Customer Project Manager with specialist knowledge in the area of project planning and scheduling, trend analysis, critical path identification, backwards scheduling,

?        "What if? scenarios, production of reports, customer interaction, control and monitoring.

?        The Project Planner should be the project organization top expert on Ericsson recommended tool for tracking and reporting purposes.

?        The Project Planner drives the implementation and adherence of relevant tools and systems required to be used by the Customer Project Manager, for example Sitehandler / Continuus / EriSite, EriDoc, EriColl, QASIS. REPORTING RELATIONSHIP

?        The Project Planner will report into the NRO/NDO Delivery Unit Head Reports to the CPM from a Project function



?        Review project planning inputs - Review and understand the contractual terms and conditions regarding scope, schedule, sales price, PO issuance, invoicing/acceptance process and transpose these into clearly defined deliverables

?        Identify the correct order, dependencies & interconnections of the specific work packages

?        Establish baseline and forecast dates in Sitehandler / Continuus / EriSite

?        Define and manage the critical path, including buffers for both time & material in the project schedule

?        Secure alignment of customer inputs (IWO, RND, NTPs etc.) to align with overall schedule and escalate delays, lack of quality etc. to the CPM.

?        Secure alignment with ASR/CEM for Supply delivery schedule to match commitment to customer - Create Excel/MS Project Schedule and financial trackers

?        Use SAP12 Entry Form as a key input for the detailed project plans in Sitehandler / Continuus / EriSite

?        Support CPM with defining project budget for project planning phase (before TG2)

?        Review and contribute to the identification of applicable process to be used for the project execution

?        Identify clear measureable lead time for specific tasks including acceptance planning

?        Create project milestone template

?        Break down the project work into clearly defined work packages, including adequate costs and duration estimates

?        Work closely with the CPM and PSP in developing the project milestone template / project plan according to project scope and ensure that POs are available for ASPs

?        Create project milestones for a structure to be used in the applicable tool (e.g. Sitehandler/ Erisite/ Continuus) for tracking and reporting

?        Finalize on upcoming build schedules taking into account required predecessor

?        Develop work plantemplates with clearly defined milestones

?        Ensure that main project process requirements are included in the project schedule; project milestones and tollgates

?        Monitor, maintain & improve performance

?        Maintain forecast, run rates and date logic and secure timely adjustments of the project schedule in Sitehandler / Continuus / EriSite

?        Monitor critical path and perform re-planning by tracking changes affecting rollout plans and maintain deliverables in Sitehandler / Continuus / EriSite

?        Actualize the progress of individual activities/work pages and prepare and distribute accurate and timely project reports for CPM on project performance, process adherence/forecasting compared to project schedule, accomplishments, key issues/red flags along with a response plan

?        Maintain change requests and tracker

?        Establish predictions of deviations from project schedule and keep the CPM informed about consequences

?        Perform performance/delivery analysis and actively search for opportunities to shorten lead-times, reduce cost and working capital (e.g. WIP and RUC)

?        Analyze project progress and make forecasts for remainder of project(s) based on project constraints

?        Understand the complexity of mobilization and ramp-up of site production, efficiency factors for planned or started attempts versus failing rate and successful implementation and handling of back log

?        Support Implementation Manager to ensure compliance of customer operational processes for project implementation (i.e. access to customer facilities and systems, equipment/material storage, issuance of proper documentation, work orders and reports) and to control/implement cost reduction plans

?        Ensure project conformance with Company QMS and ISO Close Out Package Management to work with the Construction Managers and our partners to close out COP milestones in an efficient manner Behavioral Competences

?        Planning & Organizing

?        Analyzing

?        Communication: Both written (reporting) and verbal

?        Delivering results & meeting customer expectations

?        Following instructions & Procedures; Creating & Innovating Applicable process connected to Job Role

?        See PROPS-C Project Planner Role Typical Interfaces



?        Project Management Office, Competence Center Heads, Operations Heads, Customer Project Managers (CPM), Program Managers, Database Administrators, Site implementation supervisors, Implementation Management, Project Support Professionals (PSP)

?        Project Core Team (CPM, PSP, CEM/Supply Chain Managers including IMs), and the CORE 3 (ACR, CSR, CFR)

?        Competence Domains and Support Functions (HR, Sourcing, Supply, Finance etc.).

?        External: - Customers - Partners / Vendors / Suppliers Tools & Resources

?        Site Handler / Continuus / EriSite

?        CAM

?        MS Excel/Project/ PowerPoint

?        SRM

?        SAP

?        Global Chronos

?        EriDoc

?        EriColl

?        Customer-specific tools (e.g. PACE, NORAD) Qualifications and Experience

?        Bachelor's degree or equivalent years of experience in a project management, business, science or telecommunications discipline

?        2-3years of relevant work NRO/NDO experience (e.g. deployment in rollout projects as Implementation Manager)

?        Current CAPM/PMP certification a plus or is actively pursuing professional project management certification, recommended to be complete within 1year