Project Manager


Long Island City, NY

Industry: Construction


Less than 5 years

Posted 289 days ago

  by    Benjamin Workman

This job is no longer available.

Shona Mechanical Inc is a full-service HVAC contractor specializing in new construction and interior renovations in the commercial and hospital sectors. For over seven years, the company has been establishing itself as the business of choice throughout the New York City area.

The company specializes in commercial HVAC and mechanicalcontracting and is Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVBO). They are diversified in the healthcare field, approved to work with DASNY, DDC, and CUNY, and are capable of working union, prevailing wage, and open shop projects.

Project Manager Overview :

?The Project Manager primary function for this small and thriving company consists of the following:

  • Efficient coordination of field and office activities on assigned projects, including job scheduling activities.
  • ?Company liaison with Owner, Architect and Engineer.

?The Project Manager?s function is essential to the successful operation of projects. He/she must have the following qualifications:

  • ?A thorough knowledge and background in the construction industry.
  • ?Maintain a high degree of integrity, loyalty and honesty; not divulge to outside parties information of a confidential nature pertaining to the company's operations or bids.
  • ?The ability to get along with people and to communicate in a professional manner with Owners, Inspectors, Architects, and others having a direct interest in a project being constructed.
  • Ability to carry out the duties described in the job description in an efficient manner.

Purpose :

?The purpose of this standard procedure is to define the job description of the Project Manager through the outline of his/her duties, authorities, and responsibilities.

Authority :

?The Project Manager derives authority from the President and is granted full authority to perform the duties set forth in this job description. To promote a harmonious relationship between the Project Manager and Job superintendent, who must work closely together, this authority must be coordinated with that of the Job Superintendent. Our goal is to complete our projects ahead of schedule and within budget by utilizing the expertise of all members of the team to the fullest.

Responsibility :

?The Project Manager is directly responsible to the President for the proper discharge of his/her duties. He/she may delegate portions of his/her authority to other qualified personnel, but not responsibility.

Duties :

?The Project Manager essential function is to manage the daily details of the project, including subcontracting, changes and coordination of office and field activities during the construction period.


  • Maintain an up-to-date file or library of material suppliers, current labor laws, equipment rental rates, and qualified subcontractors by category.
  • Study and understand the contract documents of each project before, as well as after to determine areas, including provisions of the general or special conditions, that may be ambiguous or present problems or result in unforeseen costs. Such matters should be brought to the attention of the President.
  • ?Coordinate material deliveries and subcontract work in accordance with progress schedule and adjust as necessary due to changes.
  • ?Resolve, or assist Job Superintendent in resolving, design and detail problems with owners, design agents, suppliers, and subcontractors.
  • Attend preconstruction and job meetings.
  • ?In conjunction with the Job Superintendent, prepare periodic percent completion data for job cost report and monitor printouts to correct mis-postings and other errors.
  • Assure that details and submittals are received, submitted, corrected, approved and returned to the suppliers and subcontractors to assure delivery of materials and equipment to support progress schedules. Supervise submittal control data.
  • ?Maintain and supervise plan files.
  • Monitor maintenance of applicable contract files.
  • Assist and cooperate with Job Superintendents in maintaining good subcontractor relations and activities, as well as other areas requiring coordination between field and office.
  • ?Request extensions of time as required by contract documents.
  • ?Monitor the maintenance of as-built drawings by the Job Superintendent as required on projects. Assure maintenance of a permanent record set, or that "as-built" information is transferred to permanent record set.
  • Prepare special reports requested by the President.
  • Have thorough knowledge of company procedures manual.

The above outline of duties is not arranged in order of priority. These duties are not meant to restrict initiative, but rather to describe minimum activities. Those duties will from time to time be altered by the President to suit the needs of the company.

Job Type: Full-time


  • commercial HVAC: 2years
  • Project Management: 2years

Job Location:

  • Long Island, NY