Project Director

AARP   •  

Merrillville, IN

5 - 7 years

Posted 242 days ago

This job is no longer available.


  1. Supervises 4-8 project office staff in the daily administration of the program that daily serves an average of 120 participants and 250 participants annually.  Ensures interactions with program participants are non-discriminatory and in accordance with employment law and AARP, AARP Foundation and program policies and procedures.
  2. Solely responsible for a bi-weekly participant payroll that exceeds $25,000.  Approves timesheets for an average of 120 participants each pay period.
  3. Responsible for site compliance with the federal regulations governing the financial & administrative conduct of their daily operations.
  4. Organizes and prepares job development teams that match the knowledge, skills, and abilities of program participants with available training opportunities at host agencies and ultimately, in unsubsidized jobs in the community. 
  5. Conducts job workshops and motivates participants to participate in job search activities, to take advantage of training activities, and to actively seek unsubsidized placements.
  6. Manages the local site disbursement budget and expenditures to ensure budget limits in excess of $3,500 are met, expenditures are effectively and efficiently handled, and spending activities adhere to published guidelines.
  7. Implements various recruitment strategies to ensure sufficient enrollment and paid hours to expend allocated payrollbudget.
  8. Recruits non-profit and public community service host agencies in which to place participants.  Monitors 50 to 80 active host agencies to ensure that participants are given adequate training and supervision and that they are working in a safe environment.  Develops and/or collaborates with other organizations (private, public and non-profit) to provide additional training opportunities for participants, including specialized training and on the job experience.
  9. Manages the local project site and any satellite locations (urban and rural) in accordance with federal regulations, grant requirements and program policies and procedures.  Trains or oversees training of site staff and prepares/oversees preparation of site performance, financial and otherrequiredreports.  Expends or oversees prudent expenditure of grant funds on payroll and administrative needs.
  10. Understands and has hands-on working knowledge of four separate computer systems to accomplish all aspects of the job.  Trains staff in all aspects of the computer required to successfully manage the area and individual project sites.  Ensure accurate and complete data entry and maintenance in manual personnel records, Department of Labor Data Compilation System, AARP Foundation’s proprietary computerized participant tracking system, and a bi-weekly payroll system.
  11. Takes independent action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a realistic understanding of issues.  Practices interpersonal relationship and conflict resolution skills in dealing with diverse and difficult participants and host agency personnel.
  12. Promotes different aspects of the Senior Community Service Employment Program in the local community as necessary to achieve project site goals by making presentations, using written communication material, and obtaining media coverage.

Demonstrates WORLD CLASS cultural attributes and behaviors in all interactions.

The nature of this position is to deal with complex technical, administrative and personnel situations that are further complicated because project directors are geographically separated and operate independently in their assigned communities. In most cases they are a staff of one and the majority of their support comes from their Regional Manager and the National Office.  Daily decisions are required in highly diverse areas including recruiting, participant screening and eligibility, enrollment, assessment, payroll, placements, separations, grant budgets, compliance with federal regulations, conflict resolutions, and interaction with host agencies and the community.   Project Directors must have in-depth knowledge of federal regulations, AARP Foundation Administrative Procedures Manuals, and technical workbooks.  Must effectively communicate required actions to program participants and AARP Foundation program management.  Must have strong interpersonal relations skills due to various personalities and the diversity of program participants.  Project Directors must maintain working relationships with between 50 to 80 executives who are in charge of the host agencies where participants are assigned for training.

Directly responsible for administering and achieving established project site payroll and disbursement budgets and in ensuring prudent expenditure of grant funds.  Manages the daily operations of a local project site, provides direct leadership to staff, ensures staff are trained and cross-trained, and assigns work through development of overall plans to meet program objectives.  Interacts with assigned area manager through daily emails and formally each week by phone, and submits monthly site progress reports.  Interacts daily with external agencies and partners.  Recruits and directs volunteers to assist with various aspects of program operations.   Operates an office in the local community and therefore must promote AARP, maintain AARP’s WORLDCLASS cultural attributes, and assists AARP members on a regular basis.  Recruits, monitors and establishes relationships with management at an average of 50 host agencies where participants are assigned for training and the ultimate goal of encouraging the agency to hirer the participant.  

Nature of contact varies with the need and due to the diversity of the job and many contacts involved includes directive, coaching, informative, advisory, persuasive, and negotiation.  Interacts daily with program applicants, participants, host agency personnel/supervisors/directors, businesses and the community at large.  Interacts frequently with Area Manager and National Office program support personnel.  Meets regularly with community external partners around the issues of mature workers.  

Assigned work responsibilities definitely contribute directly and substantially to the achievement of department/team goals and objectives.  Directly contributes to AARP Foundation’s achievement of Department of Labor performance measures.  Community location and involvement directly promotes and affects the AARP image and reputation.  Plans approaches to achieve results and handles routine and non-routine issues by complying with established policy.   Administers project site payroll and disbursement budgets, schedules and performance requirements for team.  Directly interacts with external local community agencies and partners.  


Basic Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible management experience, including 3 years supervision of staff and 3 years of budget management; or an equivalent combination of training and experience related to the duties of the position.  
  • Experience working in an environment with complex administrative or regulatory procedures, as well as proficiency in contemporary software packages required.
  • MS Office skills to include the ability to perform Mail merge function, create pivot tables and PowerPoint presentations.

Additional Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degreepreferred
  • At least one year of experience working with 501(c)(3) organizations or government programs/funding sources preferred.