Program Manager

NYU Medical Center   •  

New York, NY

5 - 7 years

Posted 235 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 1. Shares responsibility with the Director for assuring overall NYU School of Medicine animal care and use program is maintained in compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations and AAALAC accreditation standards.
  • 2. Implementation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of computer-based and information systems used in DCM, including, but not limited to, the Animal Management System (AMS).
  • 3. Implementation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the cost accounting system in Research Navigator.
    a. Manages data entry personnel, including their development
    b. Ensures compliance with OMB Circular A-21
  • 4. Implementation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of RFID census capture system.
  • 5. Develop strategic plan to have AMS consistent with the vendors upgrade path.
  • 6. Develop and manage budgets related to computer-based program systems.
  • 7. Prepare and present progress reports to relevant parties at the Medical Center.
  • 8. Hire, train, and supervise staff.
  • 9. Perform other duties as assigned.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Communicates needs for new policies and procedures to superiors in a timely manner.
    B. Submits reports/plans, which are requested by superiors, on time.
    C. Develops short and long range plans for the accomplishment of goals; addresses all contingencies in a plan.
    D. Uses verifiable data as a basis for planning.
    E. Measures the effectiveness of a plan through predetermined methods.
    F. Anticipates deviations from plans and makes additional plans for accommodations.
    G. Communicates reason for a delay in accomplishing a plan to Supervisor within reasonable time.
    H. Schedules conferences with superiors agreed upon.
    I. Presents new and innovative ideas, gives them the appropriate follow-up; if necessary, make adjustments.
    J. Understands what departmental goals are and sets objectives in order to reach them.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Maintains a current awareness of changes or new regulations.
    B. Maintains familiarity with trends, issues, and advances in strategic and program planning through periodic review of relevant journals or other literature.
    C. Identifies and actively pursues a planned program of professional growth through continuing education, etc.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Respects and maintains the confidentiality of all animal study information.
    B. Cooperates and communicates effectively and harmoniously with own supervisor, management, peers, general staff, physicians, other Medical Center personnel, and the general public in a courteous and professional manner.
    C. Communications are well thought, effective and informative.
    D. Is attentive to others in order to respond appropriately, answer questions, or obtain needed information.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Makes good judgments which are based on gathering and analyzing factual and objective data; is able to interpret policies and procedures in order to make a sound independent decision.
    B. Demonstrates alertness and adaptability to changing Medical Center conditions; responds appropriately.
    C. Makes decisions in a timely manner.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Makes suggestions for positive changes.
    B. Readily accepts new responsibilities and assignments.
    C. Recognizes when help is needed by others and offers guidance and assistance.
    D. Demonstrates independent thinking.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Work is thought out and planned in advance; is able to successfully implement plan.
    B. Determines priorities; adheres to these priorities with minimal changes.
    C. Demonstrates flexibility in adjusting to the fluctuating needs of the Medical Center.
    D. Coordinates own work to achieve efficiency and provide quality service.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Adheres to departmental guidelines concerning sick time, vacation, personal days, and other paid/unpaid leaves.
    B. Arrives on time for work and meetings.
    C. Provides proper notification of absences or tardiness.
    D. Does not abuse sick time.
    Performance Criteria:
    A. Adheres to departmental and Medical Center guidelines concerning safety, rules of conduct, etc., as outlined in the Employee Staff Handbook.
    B. Maintains a professional appearance; wears an identification badge at all times.
    C. Responsible for ensuring that all staff attend an institutional orientation as scheduled. Develops and implements an effective program to orient all staff to the department and to their respective positions.
    D. Responsible for ensuring that all subordinate supervisory staff attend required management training programs.
    E. Encourages all staffs continuing education to ensure continued job competence.
    F. Responsible for ensuring personal professional growth and continued job competence through attendance at required management training seminars and other continuing education programs.

Minimum Qualifications:
To qualify you must have a Bachelors Degree required in a related discipline, or LATg. Masters degree and experience in the research environment preferred. At least 5 years of relevant work experience. Software development skills, strong communication skills, an aptitude for quick learning, creative problem solving skills, detail-oriented approach, and strong work ethic are essential. Time management skills and ability to multitask are required, as is the ability to work both in a team and ind

Job ID: 1047923_RR00024546