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Principal Interaction Designer in Sunnyvale, CA



$80K - $100K*


Design & UX


5 - 7 years

Job Description

Job Description

As a Principal Interaction Designer, you will be leading efforts to map out interaction design best practices for our user-facing products. You will work closely with a team of developers to create innovative and compelling experiences that will power the future of mixed reality and leverage your knowledge and expertise to develop user experience (UX) frameworks that future designers and developers will rely on to create new experiences.

You should have an uncanny ability to articulate interactive concepts and break down abstract problems into wireframes easily understandable by more junior staff, and you should be passionate about growing and mentoring the next generation of Rock Star Designers. You have the critical thinking skills to know what is adaptable from older design frameworks, and how to start exploring the unknown.

Because we're focused on developing the next computing platform, you've most likely earned a degree or two, but understan

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Valid through: 2020-5-19

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