Port Engineer


Jacksonville, FL

Industry: Transportation Services


5 - 7 years

Posted 329 days ago

Job Overview Responsible for coordinating and overseeing the maintenance, repair and safe operations of all the engineering needs for assigned vessels and equipment.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES:  Develop repair specifications and manage the repair of the vessels by overseeing all activities directly related to the repairs. Liaison with the vessel Chief Engineer/Captain on required maintenance needs. Manage and negotiate contractor selection, contract management and contractors work by setting up service to vessels, ensuring regulatory inspections are scheduled timely and controlling expenditures within designated projects.  Monitor and coordinate vessel certification inspections with external and internal customers. Regularly attend vessels during times of out of service or dry-docking. Work with warehouse personnel requesting fleet spare equipment be dispatched to support the upkeep of the vessels. Create PO's/WO's, review and close outstanding maintenance jobs, review/approve requisitions and review vessel reports. Work with buyer to assist in the purchasing of supplies. Complete PO's of work performed, make adjustments and update financial information to allow for payment matching to the invoice. Develop maintenance and repair cost analysis sheets and monitor the budget.  Assist in the development and modification of preventative maintenance plans for vessel equipment. Ensure the engineering procedures and policies are periodically reviewed, modified and implemented.   Required Experience 5 or more years' experience in marine engineering, sailing onboard a vessel.  All Contractor Port Engineers identified as key personnel shall be US citizens capable of gaining a security clearance, and shall have the following minimum qualifications:

A Port Engineer must also meet at least one of the following criteria.

1. A minimum of three (3) years' experience as a Port Engineer having managed and negotiated at least two shipyard availabilities for ships not less than 4,500 tons DWT and more than 11,500 HP and award value greater than six million dollars. Experience gained while employed by a shipyard or while serving in the military may be applicable towards meeting this requirement if the duties and responsibilities of the positions are substantially the same as a Port Engineer. This experience must demonstrate their ability to effectively manage and negotiate complex projects such as shipyard dry dock overhauls and other types of repairs.

2. A minimum of four (4) years' experience serving aboard ocean-going ships as a Chief Engineer (ChEng) or First Assistant Engineer (Main Propulsion Assistant (MPA)) and a combination of education and experience gained while employed by a Shipyard or while serving in the military performing duties substantially the same as a Port Engineer. This experience must demonstrate effective management of maintenance and repair of ocean-going ships.  Formal training specific to port engineering must be completed (e.g., Fisher Maritime Port Engineer's & Owner's Representative's Course; or Fisher Maritime Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, and Design; or equivalent curricula). In addition, formal corrosion and coatings training must be completed (e.g., SSPC Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1) course or equivalent curriculum). All formal training must be completed within six (6) months after award.