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Under general supervision of a Pharmacy Supervisor or Pharmacist-in-charge is responsible for the interpretation evaluation preparation and dispensing of medications pursuant to a legitimate order or prescription in keeping with established policies procedures and standards of practice and scope of pharmacy services of the respective affiliate. Collaborates with multidisciplinary care providers to monitor assess and intervene as needed to ensure safe appropriate and cost-effective medication use with consideration of the aging processes and human developmental stages (neonate child adolescent adult geriatric). Oversees and closely reviews the work of pharmacy technicians and ancillary support personnel.

Receives patient medication orders or prescriptions as written or ordered by a physician or otherlicensed independent practitioner. Reviews each order or prescription to determine therapeutic appropriateness of the patient�s drug regimen as it relates to the patient�s clinical status concomitant drug therapy and diet and with consideration of the aging processes and human developmental stages (neonate child adolescent adult geriatric). Contacts the prescriber or covering physician as necessary to initiate appropriate interventions to ensure therapeutic efficacy minimize potential risks of drug therapy and optimize cost effectiveness.

Applies pharmacotherapeutic and pharmacokinetic principles to ensure safe and effective use of medications for the patient populations served.

Accurately reviews and approves / enters medication orders in the computerized pharmacy information system including appropriate product formulation dosage frequency and duration of therapy. Ensures relevant patient specific parameters are entered on the medication profile (i.e. diagnosis known allergies weight age etc.). Reviews and approves all computer entries if delegated to technician staff.

Dispenses needed medications in the appropriate quantity to ensure the patient receives the correct medication in the right dosage and dose form at the proper time.

Reviews and approves formulations for medications requiring compounding or manipulation prior to dispensing. Checks the final products as prepared by pharmacy technicians prior to dispensing medications according to established procedures.

Participates in the development implementation and integration of patient-focused medication therapy management and pharmaceutical care services. Monitors drugs and/or therapeutic classes targeted for review and implements corrective strategies to optimize drug use in compliance with established clinical pathways or guidelines.

Participates in education and training of healthcare practitioners including pharmacy technicians and students physicians nurses other care providers and patients/customers on matters relevant to medication use.

Provides accurate and comprehensive information about drugs including drug interactions potential side effects or adverse reactions incompatibilities and instructions for administration of medication to physicians nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Provides instruction on use of medications to patients as required (ambulatory services) or requested (inpatient services).

Maintains appropriate documentation and records regarding drug purchasing storage preparation and distribution as required by hospital procedures and/or applicable laws rules and regulations.

Participates in continuous quality improvement activities and total quality management initiatives including the adverse drug reaction pharmacist clinical intervention and medication incident reporting programs.

Maintains professional competence through participation in Pharmacy staff development and skills enhancement programs ongoing independent study education-related professional activities and affiliations.

Other information:

Bachelor of Science in pharmacy or Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an accredited college of pharmacy.

Maintains current unrestricted licensure as a licensed pharmacist in the State of Rhode Island.

Demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to neonate child adolescent adult and geriatric patients with consideration of aging processes human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.


Two to three years progressively more responsible related experience preferably gained in a similarly diverse and operationally complex health care environment is desired.

Knowledge of pharmacy information systems automated dispensing technology and personal computers.

Occasional travel between facilities or sites as required.

Effective interpersonal and communication skills.


Extended periods of time spent standing and walking.

Requires the visual and manual dexterity to operate a computer.

Refers specific complex problems to supervisor where clarification of departmental policies and procedures may be required.

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