Parallel Computing Engineer

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Sunnyvale, CA

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Posted 209 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Job ID: BUS0001GY


Target in Sunnyvale is looking for a highly motivated, creative Parallel Computing Engineer to design and develop massively parallel applications and systems. Specifically, the engineer in this position will develop extreme performance parallel algorithms running on all processor engines, including the integer engine, floating point engine, SSE4 engine, and AVX512 engine.

Must have experience with distributed systems and parallel programming on tightly-coupled shared memory systems (multi-threaded, multi-process, and multi-system applications). Also, must have in-depth understanding of computer systems architecture, inter-process communication and


Degree in ElectricalEngineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar is required.

A post-graduate degree is desirable, but not required.

Experience in the following areas is required:

  • Numerical Analysis, Linear Algebra
  • C/C++
  • Parallel Programming in symmetric multiprocessor systems and message-passing systems (MIMD, MISD, SIMD)
  • Computer system architecture
  • Operating Systems (kernel and user levels)
  • Processor architecture
  • Global process communication and synchronization
  • Global state consistency models
  • Scalability of systems and applications (Amdahl’s Law in practice)
  • System Design, Troubleshooting

Experience in the following areas is desirable

  • iA64 instruction set
  • SSE4, AVX512
  • OpenCL
  • Low latency networking, TCP/IP stacks
  • High performance I/O applications
  • High performance databases
  • Python, Ruby
  • Numeric linear algebra libraries (ATLAS, BLAS, LAPACK)