Oracle Functional AME / P2P


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Less than 5 years

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  by    Davuluri Srini

Oracle AME Expert with experience implementing it to Procure to Pay (P2P) in Multi Currency/Mult

Client: INT Technologies

Oracle Functional AME / P2P

8months for Phase 1…probable extension(s)

San Antonio (phone interview)


Oracle AME (Approvals Management) Expert withexperience Implementing it with Procure to Pay (P2P) in a Multi-Currency / Multi-Org Environment.


Client is in the Database Hosting and SaaS space


The Client is focused on the AME piece and how to implement it within a global company – specifically multi-national companies with invoices in different currencies (Multi Org/Multi Currency)and how that interactswith AME.

The Client needs someone who understands how to best design the AME to cover need for financial controls while keeping control and not making life too busy (this is the auto-approvals portion).

They want someone who can tell them how they need to design it and lead the effort. They don’t need someone who is just going to gather requirements, but someone who can come in and say “this is the best practice but let’s review how your company operates and merge the two to come up with a transformative solution thatyou can implement”.

In other words they need a leader who can tell them how to best implement AME on Procure to Pay.

Some Inventoryexperience would also be helpful. They also need experience in Two-Way/Three Way Matching.


This needs to be a Senior resource. Here are the 5 most important skills listed in order of importance. 


 AME (Approvals Management)


P2P (Procure to Pay)



(Strong experience managing Prepay Subscriptions on an Online Store. Client looked at this a few years ago but could not differentiate between long term and short term prepays on their online stores).


Two-way / Three-way matching


2-way matching verifies that purchase order and invoice information match within your tolerances as follows:

Quantity billed is less than or equal to Quantity ordered

Invoice price is less than or equal to Purchase order price


3-way matching adds a third criterion to verify that receipt and invoice information match with the quantity tolerances you define:

Quantity billed is less than or equal to Quantity received



 Additional Information for better understanding of the project:

·       Building Stores and Smart Forms to improve user experience and enforce data quality in the procurement process

·       Understand accounting impact to General Ledger for different documents type, processes, and spend execution

·       Understand purpose and applicable use of different PO document types along with their best application and use of the at Rackspace

·       Understanding of Contracts functionality, Price Break Features,2-way matching, Pay on Receipt

·       Experiencewith implementing “Expense Items” that are not inventoried, but used for consistency in the purchasing process

·       Working knowledge in the modules of Fixed Asset, Inventory, and Project Accounting

·       Understanding of standard Oracle EBS integrations functionality and best use of B2B, ASN, i-Supplier, etc.


Roles & Responsibilities: Resource will serve as a Senior Business Analyst and will be expected to:

·       Lead & facilitate meetings with key users, as well as Leaders & Stakeholders

·       Gather requirements from Core Rackspace P2P Team

·       Execute analysis and provide solution recommendations that leverage standard functionality as much as possible

·       Identify gaps and provide recommendations that align with best practices

·       Work with development team and Rackspace BSA to provide working solution for enhancements or additional development work needed

·       Implement and configure POC to validate recommended solution

·       Coordinate and execute demos and SME training of new functionality

·       Provide recommendation for implementation approach for follow-up phases


Work Streams: Resource will work on five work streams carved from Wave 1 of P2P project:

1.       Review standard processes and map to Oracle EBS available functionality

2.       New PO Category Structure 

3.       AME revamp. Leverage AME capabilities to route PO documents and invoice to appropriate approval path

4.       Workday integration to Oracle EBS to sync-up HRMS data

5.       Leverage 2-way match, pay from receipt, i-Procurement for stores and catalogs to support different spend execution paths

$80K - $110K