Operations Specialist, Mag Chloride


Ogden, UT

5 - 7 years

Posted 271 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Operations Specialist, Mag Chloride /Chemical Engineer 

Location: Ogden, UT Near Salt Lake City

Job Description


Education and Experience :

  • Bachelor's degree in engineering (Chemical Engineering preferred)
  • Demonstrated problem solving success in an industrial environment.
  • Three plus (5+ preferred) years of supervisory/leadership experience in a heavy industrial setting.
  • Five plus years of technical experience in a heavy industrial setting.
  • Experience in Lean manufacturing, SPC and/or Six Sigmapreferred.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience in an industrial setting.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Calculates heat and mass balances of plant processes.
  • Works in conjunction with operations and engineering to maintain the MOC process.
  • Performs fluid mechanics calculations to size new pumps and piping and to evaluate existing systems for problem solving and optimization.
  • Conducts plant and lab tests to measure the impact of process changes on plant performance. Assess analysis and makes recommendations accordingly.
  • Troubleshoots chemistry and material handling problems, and identifies solutions.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve plant efficiencies and prepares Capital Acquisition Requests (CAR?s) with the appropriate supportive documentation
  • Regularly monitors plant operations to assure safety, quality and cost controls meet expectations.
  • Supports KPI development, measurements, communication, and continuous improvement utilizing Compass Continuous Improvement Process tools

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership and support for operational improvement projects, including the development of a technical improvement plan.
  • Supports development of training programs and the training of plant operators.
  • Modifies, develops and implements SOP?s with support from Site training resources.
  • Maintains daily KPI?s, operating instructions and other efficiency stats for plant operations.
  • Determines and maintains proper staffing levels. Insures adequate training, evaluation and retention of employees are provided.
  • Evaluates production capacity deficits and recommends and/or leads efforts to close those gaps.
  • Implements necessary policies and procedures to safely meet or exceed daily and monthly SOIP objectives.
  • Responsible for continuously improving Mag Plant performance in safety, yield, capacity, uptime, and quality.
  • Leads the organization forward in achieving the operations budget, and assists Ops Manager in setting that budget.




  • Assurance of Safe plant operations and environmental compliance.
  • Develop and report on critical control parameters including plant through put and plant inputs and outputs.
  • KPI?s and other critical operating information/statistics meet established deadlines.
  • Plant operators are trained and tested for comprehension in advance of assignment into an operating area.
  • Assures that material and energy balance reporting is developed and reported as required.
  • Operating procedures are well understood and deployed with consistency across shifts.
  • Achievement of Plant Operations Budget.
$80K - $90K