Operations Manager / Project Executive

BE&K Building Group   •  

Houston, TX

11 - 15 years

Posted 267 days ago

This job is no longer available.


The title Project Executive or Operations Manager may be used interchangeably and serves the same position within the company classification. According to the particular client or project, or to the preference within the particular Business Unit, either title may be used. For simplification PEX/OM will be referred to within this document. The PEX/OM may report directly to the Business Unit Leader, or to a Vice-President of Operations (if the Business Unit’s operational structure has this position), according to the structure of the Business Unit. This position may be accountable for a particular business market within the Business Unit


The PEX/OM is accountable for the overall results of the project(s) beneath his/her supervision. This role is primarily a senior management position, generally overseeing multiple projects and ensuring the success of each, and is the primary leader of the project(s). The level of “hands on” management will vary according to the individual project’s need. The PEX/OM is responsible for the proper staffing for the projects and is very active in recruiting. The PEX/OM should develop the strategic plan for success on the projects and ensure the proper resources to achieve such.The PEX/OM is a liaison between operations and business development, and is very active in both roles. The PEX/OM may be assigned to one very large and complex project, generally in excess of $75M, or may be assigned to manage multiple projects, through the delegation of individual project teams. Both Superintendents and Project Management staff may directly report to the PEX/OM. The PEX/OM is responsible to take any and all measures to achieve success, including quality, profitability, schedule, and client satisfaction.

The PEX/OM should be capable of all duties of Senior Project Manager, and should have previously demonstrated success in that role, or equivalent role. The PEX/OM should be capable of managing large and complex projects, should be capable of managing multiple lesser projects, and should have demonstrated ability to manage through subordinate staff.


In general, the primary areas of responsibility are:

1. Project budget

2. Project schedule

3. Project documentation

4. Project profitability

5. Project safety

6. Project quality

7. Contract compliance

8. Recruiting and staffing, and training and development of the staff

9. Client satisfaction

10. Business development and market segments

11. Strategic planning


The following is a general listing of job related duties. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or skills required for this position. These may be modified, added to, or eliminated. Many of these duties may be delegated to subordinate staff but the PEX/OM is accountable for the overall results.

1. Overall project leader, planner, person most accountable for project result

2. Participate in estimate process and lead as required.

3. Write and execute subcontracts and purchase orders and/or delegate as necessary.

4. Participate in Owner contract process, including negotiations, and form strategic plan for the project. Understand and communicate the business deal to subordinates.

5. Establish the profitability goals of the project and targets for the staff to achieve.

6. Lead or oversee overall project scheduling and delegate roles in scheduling to staff. Monitor schedules, overall and short term, and take action as necessary to achieve.

7. Oversee and approve all documentation processes, including document and drawing controls, submittals and RFIs, filing, correspondence and reports, and all communication practices.

8. Approve the Change Management plan for the project and ensure compliance.

9. Establish the project procedures and execution plan, and review and monitor, taking action as necessary.

10. Oversee the Owner billing procedures and approve that process. Monitor subcontractor and vendor payments and processes.

11. Review all cost control processes, including the profitability analysis, and participate as needed on the project. Ensure profitability is maintained, and work with staff to mitigate downside risk and realize upside potential.

12. Review safety program and involve with staff as needed to ensure compliance to company policy.

13. Lead meetings as the project requires, including subcontractor, Owner/Architect, or “executive” type meetings. Review and conduct internal team meetings to ensure staff is performing as required.

14. Develop and enhance relationships with clients for possible repeat business. Participate in business development activities and assist in preparation of proposals and promote productive client relationships. Participate in presentations.

15. Provide leadership in the professional and career development of subordinates as well as timely and fair performance evaluations. Also, participate in professional and career development of subordinates. Ensure assigned project is staffed with qualified salaried and craft personnel.

16. Lead recruiting and staffing efforts for the projects.

17. Understands the Business Unit’s Plan, and actively participates in the establishment of it.


2. Proven prior success as Senior Project Manager, or equivalent role. Already operating in general at the PEX/OM level.

3. As a general guideline, minimum of 12years project managementexperience, with at least two (2) years as Senior Project Manager.


1. Those of Senior Project Manager plus:

2. Full understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and duties of all subordinate staff, including all levels of Superintendent and Project Management, and the coordination of these positions.

3. Solid understanding of the role of Business Unit Leader.

4. Ability to lead the Operational part of the Business Unit and integrate it within the structure and strategic plan established for the Business Unit.