Mining Development Director

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Industry: Manufacturing


15+ years

Posted 178 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Job Description

Responsible for leading and developing the evaluation, design and execution of current and future investment projects in extractions sites.


  • Experience with guiding open pit hard rock mining projects through the varied processes from reserves and PFS to mine production
  • Define the overall aspects of the project (Operation strategy, Objectives, Scope, Processes and Required Assets)
  • Plan the start and execution of each project, creating policies, decision variables and team inductions
  • Estimate production, investment, costs, risks, needed services, permits and others
  • Set priorities for each activity in the project in order to comply with deadlines and agreements for each phase of the project.
  • Strong ability to communicate with, organise and direct a wide group of specialist contractors and consultants developing the operation
  • Supervise the training and induction (security, technical, and management) for each projects’ personnel
  • Manage and control the budget for each project individually, follow its progress and compare results
  • Manage service negotiations, delivery conditions and requirements with external providers (EPC, perforation, labs among others)
  • Develop procedures, policies, and working standards for each project
  • Perform administrative tasks and human labor management consolidating effective teams, leaders and coordination dynamics
  • Ensure the proper compliance of working conditions for each project´s internal and external personnel
  • Evaluate performance for both collaborators and internal personnel regularly. Give feedback and take control actions in case of detected deviations
  • Elaborate results and performance reports for executive teams in each project
  • Manage requirements with support teams (supply, RRHH, finances and others)
  • Manage territorial, environmental or any authority required permits that allows the continuity of the project
  • Responsible for handing the project to operations with the proper permits and authorizations
  • Perform informative and administrative meetings to ensure good work environment and collaboration from all teams 
  • Prepare and ensure the project’s startup and effective delivery in accordance with the designs criteria’s and the approval from the operations team of the company (Operational Readiness)
  • Deliver a risk management assessment and define potential solutions accordingly
  • Have an active involvement in the definition and management of interest groups associated with the project

Qualifications and Experience Required

Over 15 years of experience in similar positions supervising extracting operations

Experience in leadership positions within mining companies


  • Experience with guiding open pit mining projects through the varied processes from reserves and PFS to mine production
  • Experience in large projects of resource extraction industries (metals and non-metals)
  • Non-metal mining experience desirable (hydrogeological resources and geological) 
  • Management of high complexity challenges from corporate departments and board of directors
  • Involved in large projects and operational startup processes
  • Understanding of resource processing plant processes.


Complete university studies ( mining preferred)

Tertiary management degree, MBA or similar