Mineral Process Engineer


Washington, DC

Industry: Metals & Mining


11 - 15 years

Posted 412 days ago

  by    Cindy Phillips

This job is no longer available.

Process Engineer

US Silica is always exploring new technologies and projects to improve plant output and the Process Engineer will be responsible for determining which solutions should be tested and implemented. The Process Engineer will be responsible for the development of new processes including creating the mass, balance, water balance, and process flow. The Process Engineer will work with the project engineers and plant personnel to determine equipment selections and they will oversee the commissioning of critical components and insure quality and throughput specifications are met. In some cases, the Process Engineer may act as the project manager, project engineer, and construction manager on projects, but in most cases that responsibility will fall to the project engineers. In addition, continuous improvement of existing processes as well as trouble shooting quality and production issues with the plant is a critical part of the job. Strong interpersonal skills are necessary as the process engineer will work directly with operators, plant management, engineering teams, vendors, corporate lab technicians, and as well as interfacing with Corporate Environmental, Safety, IT, Operations, Maintenance, and Finance teams to insure that all federal, state, and local regulations are being followed as well as all US Silica Policies and Guidelines.


·        The Process Engineer will oversee new technologies and improvement processes as well as the development of new processes and the creation of mass balance, water balance, and equipment specifications that allow our facilities to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers and the market. To do that, he or she will work closely with the plants to better understand variability and how to allow for it in the system.

·        The Process Engineer will also need to maximize production and the recovery of systems by doing testing and adjusting the process as needed.

·        The Process Engineer will also oversee the commission of new equipment and systems.

·        The Process Engineer will also work closely with new and existing plants on nearly all continuous improvement and capital projects. These requires he or she to be in constant communication and coordination with the plant and its personnel. The projects can be anything including scheduling plant outages, keeping the plant abreast of contractor work areas and safety hazards arising from project work, and assisting with the training of operators and maintenance personnel.

·        The Process Engineer must also work closely with corporate and plant safety and environmental personnel to make sure that all permit requirements are met as well as all US Silica, MSHA, and OSHA guidelines

·        The Process Engineer will also closely monitor the work of contractor(s) and verify that they are working safely, following approved plans, and complying with the budget and schedule that has been set. The Process Engineer will also need to be available to answer any questions or issues that may arise as the work is being done, such as RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs.

Purchasing Activities:

·        The Process Engineer must follow all US Silica Purchasing Guidelines and work closely with the plant or corporate purchasing agent to develop the proper specifications and identify the correct vendors.

·       The Process Engineer will be responsible for writing and submitting requisitions and receiving invoices.

Safety and Environmental:

·        The Process Engineer will work closely with the safety and environmental departments to identify any issues, update safety systems, maintain compliance, automate compliance documentation, as well as detect and single out any compliance situations or possible safety hazards.


·        Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in engineering

·        10+ years of relevant work experience in lieu of a degree will be considered

·        PMP is a plus, but not a requirement

·        Minimum of 5+ years of project or construction management

·        Must have experience in process engineering and mineral industry, as well as knowledge of mineral processing unit operations

·        Must demonstrate a knowledge of cost-benefit analysis

·        Strong ability to multitask and change priorities

·        Ability to relate well with other, both up and down the chain of command

·        Ability to work well in a team-based environment, as well as alone

·        Ability to identify a problem and act to solve it without guidance

·        Ability to work in a constantly changing environment; process emergencies will interrupt daily work tasks

·        Ability to be flexible as requirements or business needs may change from time to time which requires a similar technical and managerial adaptability

·        Can work from home but must be able to travel50% of the time, this can also include areas that may experience inclement weather


·        Working well with others is an essential part of the Process Engineer. He or she must be able to work well with others in both a leadership and subordinate role depending on the circumstances.

·        At times, the Process Engineer will need to lead projects and direct team members on what is needed. At other times, they will need to work for team members on the specific tasks of a project.

·        The Process Engineer must work closely with plant personnel, plant management, purchasing, IT, Logistics, and Finance to ensure the success of all capital projects.


U.S. Silica is an equal opportunity employer for all without regard to race, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability or veteran status. U.S. Silica is a smoke- and drug-free workplace. The above description is intended to capture the essential functions of the job, nature and level of work as of the preparation date. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties that may be required of the position. This job description may be modified at any time with or without notice.