Military Operations Analyst Staff - Special Operations Forces - TS Clearance

Lockheed Martin   •  

Fort Benning, GA

Industry: Technology


11 - 15 years

Posted 41 days ago


Familiarize USSOCOM senior military personnel on current TVS/RSTA device capabilities and provide advice on the most effective logistics support and training to utilize TVS/RSTA systems.

-Conduct assessment, provide logistics support, and tailor support as necessary to enable successful employment of TVS/RSTA equipment by SOF.

-Provide TVS/RSTA new equipment training, sustainment training, and logistics support to SOF personnel preparing for deployment and/or for those currently on deployment.

-Assist users in maintaining and configuring TVS/RSTA equipment for and in between various training exercises and SOF operations.

-Serve as points-of-contact for capturing lessons learned.

-Serve as points-of-contact for coordination of TVS/RSTA system movements globally, via Government direction or approval of request.

-Conduct reach-back internally, as needed, and liaison when necessary between all OEMs equipment integrated into TVS/RSTA for technical support, firmware upgrades, etc. Liaison duties will respect all intellectual rights and proprietary equipment of the OEMs.

-Assist the Components, TSOCs and HQ USSOCOM with inventorying and assisting with the configuration management, integration, and evolutionary technical equipment insertion of TVS/RSTA systems and their components.

-Maintain mastery of and be technical experts on specified TVS/RSTA equipment within all OEM proprietary rights and authorities.

-Maintain master list accountability of TVS/RSTA systems and equipment.

-Provide recommendations for equipment use.

-Attend conferences, Integrated Product Team (IPT) meetings, and/or SOF Unit-provided training as required by the Government.

-Communicate with the TVS/RSTA PMO and the Program Executive Office – Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Exploitation (PEO-SRSE) Senior Product Line Manager (SPLM) for TVS/RSTA and Field Service Engineers (FSEs) working on behalf of the PMO regarding lessons learned, device limitations, storyboards/vignettes, SOF Unit concerns, etc.

Basic Qualifications:

-10 years of real-world operational experience and familiarity with operational procedures within SOF or in USSOCOM.

-3 years of SOF and/or Special Mission Unit operational experience conducting advanced physical and technical surveillance training and operations.

-3 years of experience conducting, operating, and servicing TVS/RSTA operations and systems in hostile, semi, and non-permissive operational environments in direct support of SOF combat operations.

- Knowledge of USSOCOM, subordinate organizations, DoD, Service, Title 10 roles and missions.

-Advanced physical and technical surveillance training and experience and associated formal training credentials or formally documented experience in military communications, intelligence gathering, and/or reconnaissance systems.

-Credible experience and mastery of working with, programming, and/or troubleshooting web-based and client based applications and software such as: MST, RaptorX and RaptorX derivatives, Google Earth, Microsoft Office Suite, and TACLAN software loads.

-Expert knowledge of known communications architectures utilized to transmit and receive SOF-P TVS/RSTA data and mastery of system equipment configuration(s).

-A detailed understanding of techniques for mechanical and electrical installation and antenna placement for SOF-P TVS/RSTA components and sub-systems.

-A detailed understanding of radio frequency (RF) communications (line of sight and beyond line of sight (LOS & BLOS)), RF propagation, and antenna theory.

-Experience with test equipment such as: multi-meters, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, and oscilloscopes.

-The ability to travel independently and operate for periods of time without supervision.
Familiarity and experience in SOF locations globally where TVS/RSTA systems have been and are currently in operation.

-Capable of lifting 25 lbs.

-Active Top Secret security clearance.

-Possess the knowledge and ability to assist with de-confliction and coordination of technical operations with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. Government/Military agencies.

-Have operational experience with the TSOC areas of responsibility and experience with executing preparation of the environment operations.

-Provide technical support for emerging technologies being integrated with SOF-P TVS/RSTA systems.

-Be familiar with Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS) capabilities and how they may affect the decision making process for technical support.

-At a minimum, have 5 or more years’ experience with USSOCOM international deployment operations, technology lifecycle support, and training SOF Operators on the use and employment of SOF-P TVS/RSTA systems.

Desired Skills:

-Special Forces Assessment and Selection/Qualification Course
-An Assessment and Selection course and Operator Training Course from a Special Missions Unit (SMU) in USSOCOM/JSOC
-An Operations/Intelligence course conducted at a SMU
-Retired or former SOF Operator with 10 years of U.S. Military experience
-Experience as a SOF Senior Non-commissioned Officer (SNCO) or team/element leader within a SMU
-Experience as an Operations Chief at the SOF company or battalion level or within a SMU
-Experience working as a Staff Officer at a GCC, TSOC, Group, and/or Battalion (BN) staff
-Experience working as the U.S. Military Intelligence or U.S. Government/National Intelligence officer or specialist with a focus on exploitation and dissemination of an adversary’s capabilities and defeat operations
-Top Secret security clearance with SCI eligibility