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Job Summary
This full time position is responsible for the overall direction and coordination of professional medical care within their assigned units. This position works to ensure that professional medical services to all patients are coordinated and rendered in an appropriate and timely manner. This position provides in-service training for hospital staff providing services in their assigned units and actively participates in performance measurement and improvement.

  • Policy Development:
    1.Actively participates in and directs the multidisciplinary development, maintenance, and periodic (at least annually) review of all departmental policies and procedures pertaining to the provision of patient care and quality improvement in the Units in accordance with applicable standards and statutes.
    2.Advises and assists Hospital Administration in the development of administrative policies and procedures in accordance with applicable standards and statutes.
    3.Oversees the assigned program balanced scorecard in conjunction with the Nurse Manager of the Critical Care and staff.
    4.Develops, communicates and ensures maintenance of standards of care for assigned patients. This is performed in conjunction with the appropriate Medical Staff and Nursing committees.
    5.Collaborates with the all staff and depts, Coordinators, Nursing Service, and ancillary departments to establish methods and protocols for bed assignments, patient care resource utilization, and nursing care for patients.
  • Administrative:
    1.Review credentials for appropriateness of qualifications and experiences. Appoint new physicians to the in-house Intensivist Panel based on criteria developed by the organization.
    2.Annual review (renewal) of physicians to the Intensivist Panel.
    3.Assures adequate in-house coverage of the program through the development of daily coverage schedules for in-house intensivists.
    4.Reviews physician performance issues and recommends termination of contractual relationships for the provision of in-house intensivist services when appropriate.
    5.Participates, when requested, in the evaluation of clinical competence of Unit in accordance with established Human Resources policies and procedures.
    6.Facilitates the resolution of physician-nurse conflicts through direct intervention or other appropriate methods as necessary or desirable.
    7.Attends regularly (as an ex-officio member) and actively participates in such hospital and Medical Staff committees as are appropriate to carry out his/her duties as Medical Director of the Units such as, but not limited to Medicine and Quality Resources Management (QRM).
    8.Remain involved and up to date on intensive care systems in community, state and national levels. Maintain liaison with other critical care hospitals both within and outside the region.
    9.Represents the hospital’s interest to third party payor Medical Directors as requested by Administration/Case Management department.
    10.Cooperates and supports all regulatory/compliance statutes as may be required of the hospital and collaborate with Case Management functions to assure all admissions/observations meet the required licensed criteria approved by the administration of the hospital.
    11.Actively participates in the selection of new equipment for the Respiratory Care department, as well as in the evaluation of equipment brought on site for clinical testing. Prepares written evaluations and recommendations when purchase of such equipment is contemplated.
    12.Represents the intensivists, physicians, and nurses in negotiations along with Administration in the annual budgeting process and purchasing decisions. Participates in cost-benefit analyses prior to making equipment recommendations.
    13.Proactively works with physicians and Administration to develop, implement, and monitor cost savings initiatives.
    14.Is involved with clinical/financial management team on issues related to length of stay and third party payor constraints.
    15.Shall collaborate with hospital administration and the Board/Committee in order to obtain and maintain approbation or accreditation of the program.
    16.Represents the hospital when requested by Administration at regulatory agencies, committees, and function pertaining to the program.
    17.Develop program in conjunction with the organization, board, and or committee.
  • Clinical Care:
    1.Responsible for the overall clinical supervision and medical direction of the units.
    2.Assists with triage of patients in conjunction with the management team/case managers or designee in the and Telemetry areas.
    3.Deals with patient care problems by directly communicating with attending and consulting physicians to minimize problems and optimize care.
    4.May intervene when there is a situation where two physicians disagree regarding patient care. If disagreement continues after discussion with the Medical Director of , then the Medical Director of may encourage the involved physicians to obtain appropriate independent consultation. If controversy still exists, and if the disputed issues do not threaten the patient’s life, the Medical Director of will discuss the case with the Joint Committee or the with appropriate department chair(s).
    5.To ensure excellent overall management for patients with multiple physicians, the Medical Director of may act to designate an attending physician when that role is not clear to the nursing staff, the patient or their family, or to other physicians. The Medical Director of may assume care of a patient in a case where there is an unresolved dispute between physicians. The case will be referred to the Joint Committee for review.
    6.If problems arise concerning the quality of patient care or appropriate treatment in the Units, the Medical Director of shall have the duty to review all records, including patient charts, and discuss patient care with the involved physicians. If disagreement exists between the Medical Director of and the involved physician, the physician shall be encouraged to obtain independent consultation. If the physician refuses, and if the quality of care issues are not life threatening, the Medical Director of will discuss the case with the appropriate department Chair.
    7.May recommend immediately removing a physician from a patient’s care when quality of care or judgment is so poor as to threaten the patient’s life or limb. This recommendation is made to the Chair of the appropriate department and to the President of the Medical Staff. The President will then make the decision as to whether to remove the physician and assign another physician to the patient’s care.
  • Quality Enhancement:
    1.Participates with the Coordinator, Hospital Administration, and other designated hospital staff in planning for, monitoring, and evaluating the program quality improvement process.
    2.Chairs monthly Mortality and Morbidity educational conference.
    3.Reviews avoidable day reports and intervenes with physicians who have a disproportionate number of occurrences.
    4.Cooperates closely with the Nurse Managers, Telemetry Nurse Managers, and the Nursing Clinical Director responsible for these departments as well as the Vice President for Nursing Services to resolve QRM, utilization and quality of patient care issues for patients.
    5.Reviews and monitors, on an ongoing basis, the quality, appropriateness and timeliness of care provided by physicians in the units and ensures that patients receive consultations by appropriate specialists in a timely fashion. In this capacity, works with Trauma Director, Department Chairs and nurse managers.
    6.Active participant and member of the Committee and Process Improvement Team. Attends all scheduled meetings.
    7.Assures compliance by all contracted in-house intensivists with standards, rules and regulations and laws pertinent to the program in existence at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn/Shea.
    8.Actively participates in performance measurements and process improvement activities.
    9.Ensures proper documentation of all medical care rendered by all contracted intensivist physicians.
  • Educational:
    1.Originates and actively participates in educational programs for and Telemetry staff, other allied health staff and physicians in the area of medicine.
    2.Medical Director of shall complete 25 hours of related continuing medical education annually.
    3.Ensure that in-house intensivists participate in 16 hours of related continuing medical education annually.
    4.Actively participates in community outreach programs related to related prevention (i.e., heart attacks, elderly falls, etc.) as needs are identified through the collection of intensive care unit data and statistics.
    5.Coordinates and facilitates, in conjunction with the Coordinator, a monthly review of key cases.
    6.Adheres to and effects documentation of time spent in the following hourly requirements, not less than:
    a)Conduct bedside rounds daily (weekdays) with the Charge Nurses;
    b)Two (2) hours each week, times and dates specified in the monthly department schedules, for in-service education programs for Telemetry, Cath Lab, and Cardiovascular Diagnostics staff and other hospital staff. Such in-service programs shall pertain to all aspects of patient care rendered in Units.
  • Research:
    1.Oversees, coordinates and facilitates research projects in the Unit.
    2.Participates in and encourages research activities within the Program for the purpose of improving the quality of care in the Program as required by accrediting and/or review organizations having jurisdiction over programs including the State of Arizona.
    Organizational Relationship:
    1.Participates in semiannual evaluations of his/her performance in relationship to this job description with the Chief Medical Officer and the Administrator in charge of the designated areas.
    2.Coordinates goals and performance criteria with Committee.
    3.A part-time Associate Medical Director may assist in overseeing at Shea and Osborn and would report directly to the Medical Director of .

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