Management Operations Specialist, Senior in Dayton, OH

$100K - $150K(Ladders Estimates)

PE Systems   •  

Dayton, OH 45402

Industry: Technical Services


8 - 10 years

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All areas of responsibility listed below are essential to the satisfactory performance of this position, with reasonable accommodation, if necessary. Work responsibilities may vary, depending upon assignment. Work locate on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH.



Program Analysis

  • Apply an understanding of DoD and AF Program/Project analysis to plan, organize, complete and present assessments of program/project activity management concepts, analyses, studies and procedures to senior leadership.
  • Evaluate implications of existing or proposed projects, programs, processes, and policies/laws and recommend improvements to the Government point-of-contact (POC).
  • Assist the PM and Acquisition Team in: the planning and organizing of program management activities, and/or analyses efforts of a group of specialists, and /or advising on and performing work related to program management.
  • Plan, organize, complete, and present assessments of program management concepts, analyses, studies, and procedures.
  • Assist in performing a wide range of activities including gathering a variety of program information, conducting analyses, acquisition strategy planning, pre-award and post-award document preparation, and milestone planning, tracking, scheduling, briefing preparation, staff coordination, and decision documentation preparation.

Status Reporting

  • Provide support to establish and maintain databases and assist in the development and analysis of key program metrics.
  • Assist in developing and integrating risk management plans and strategies and support program briefings.
  • Assist in determining program progress and effectively communicate recommendations orally and in writing to higher organizational management.

Schedule Project Management

· Develop, report, and maintain schedules and metrics that are needed to track program status.

· Shall have a working knowledge of, and be able to effectively apply Earned Value Management (EVM) principles in order to evaluate and report program health and status.

Management Operations

· Interface and coordinate with lateral USG organizations, i.e. headquarters, major commands, aircraft wings/squadrons, test agencies, and USAF Centers or other external agencies as required in order to accomplish assigned tasks.

External Mission Partners Program Management Activities

· Assist with the resolution of programmatic issues including, but not be limited to, interfacing/querying Air Staff, Air Force Major Command, and Department of Defense personnel.

· Document the status, decisions, and open actions to be resolved because of inquiries, and deliver executive-quality products to the PEO/Deputy.

Records Management

· Assist with the proper coding and filing of Directorate records within the Air Force guidelines, and shall be knowledgeable in the use of Air Force Records Information Management System (AFRIMS) and proficient with the Electronic Records Management (ERM) system per AFI 33-364 and AFMAN 33-363.


Document Support

· Assist in producing, collecting, preparing, and displaying required documentation.

· Provide support in planning, formulating, editing, developing, and publishing finished products, e.g., program documentation, plans, directives, reports, briefings, correspondences and other presentations (technical and non-technical) in the media and format requested.

· Assist in the use of software applications to produce databases, spreadsheets, graphics and other specialized products and facilitate the use of standardized automated forms when required.

· Assist in data entry functions and retrieving data/information in the form of queries and reports.

· Assist in the maintenance of tracking systems.

· Review senior level correspondence for the PEO including; but not be limited to, USAF management agreements and official correspondence that are elevated to the ACS FOG and outside agencies.

· Assist with PEO/Director travel requirements, prepare travel documents using the Defense Travel System (DTS), and develop trip agenda items.

· Process and resolve protocol issues including, but not be limited to, visit requests, security issues, lodging and distinguished visitor parking.

Suspense and Package Management

· Assist in the maintenance of the Directorate suspense and package tracking systems and shall provide updates PABI personnel and the PEO/Deputy Director and/or Directorate senior staff on the status of Directorate suspense's during regularly scheduled meetings or via ad hoc requests.

· Utilize standard software necessary to maintain the Directorate suspense and package tracking system(s). The Contractor shall assist in ensuring proper assignment, completion and accurate reporting of Directorate and higher headquarters-issued suspense's and packages via applicable software tools. 3

Metrics Development and Refinement

· Assist the government team in the development and refinement of Directorate-level portfolio metrics.

· Participate in a dialogue with the government team regarding the relevance, status and future requirement for Directorate-level metrics.

· Prepare executive-quality products as a result of interactions with the USG team utilizing the Microsoft Office and SharePoint software suite.

Programmatic Meeting and Event Coordination/Execution

· Support programmatic meetings and events attended or hosted by the PEO/Deputy Director on an as-required basis.

· Assist in providing: pre-event planning support to include, but not be limited to, briefing or speech presentation materials, agenda development, background topic research, organizing and scheduling meetings, and availability to the PEO/Deputy for follow-up actions.

· Assist in providing: inevent execution to include, but not be limited to, meeting execution, graphics facilitation, general programmatic support and deliberation skills about the topic as required.

· Assist in providing: post-event actions to include, but not be limited to, follow-up actions from the PEO/Deputy.

Programmatic Correspondence Finalization and Data Repository Services

· Assist the USG in supporting the planning, formulating, editing, developing, publishing and storing finished programmatic products to include, but not be limited to, program documentation, plans, directives, reports, briefings and other presentations as required (classified and unclassified) in the media and format requested.

Compliance and Readiness support

· Unit Self-Assessment Program (USAP) Execution

o Assist USG Unit Self-Assessment Program (USAP) representatives in executing Directorate-wide self-assessments.

o Shall be knowledgeable of USAP policy, procedures, and software.

o Shall present information to Directorate leadership and interact with AFMC and AFLCMC Inspector General representatives to ensure compliance with applicable procedures.

· Inspections

o Assist the USG in successfully preparing for and executing scheduled and no-notice internal and external informal and formal inspections.

o Participate as a member of a cross-functional team with other Directorates, as required, to ensure issues are resolved during all inspections.

o Assist in creating, capturing and/or maintaining identified deficiencies/observations, and shall assist in ensuring those deficiencies/observations are tracked and reported to the PABI Chief and PEO/Deputy on a reoccurring basis.

o Assist in ensuring applicable compliance checklists, data sheets, and other pertinent information are monitored, maintained and reported periodically to ensure a continuous culture of compliance within the ACS Directorate.

· Readiness

o Assist the USG in supporting the Unit Control Center (UCC). Support includes monitoring UCC communications (classified and non-classified), disseminating information, tracking compliance towards issued directives, informing Directorate leadership of any compliance issues.

· Emergency Management Programs Execution

o Assist in ensuring emergency management procedures are in-place at all times for the Directorate to include, but not be limited to, shelter-in-place, tornado, fire evacuation, emergency notification systems, Automated External Defibrillator, suicide prevention, bomb threat, virus threat, and Force Protection procedures.

o Assist in the development, updating and maintaining of procedures as required. The Contractor shall present emergency management information to Directorate leadership, and shall document procedures utilizing the Microsoft Office and SharePoint software suite.

· Establish and maintain effective professional working relationships with co-workers, and customers.

· Follow policies and procedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.

· Attend work each day during scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or time off.

· Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).

· Work flexible hours, including occasional overtime.

· Carry out other duties as may be assigned or requested.



· May be required to travel using commercial air, USG air, and other conventional modes of transportation to Outside Continental United States and Continental United States (OCONUS and CONUS) locations in support of program meetings, reviews, audits and other activities held at Government and Contractor facilities.

· Shall travel unaccompanied and unsupervised.

· All travel (including plans, agenda, itinerary, and dates) require prior approval by the EPASS CO for OCONUS travel or COR for CONUS travel.

· CONUS travel requests shall be submitted no later than ten business days prior to travel.

· Shall notify the EPASS CO or COR of the costs of air travel, and receive prior written approval when the use of other than least costly air travel is required to complete a Government-directed task.

· Shall submit a Trip Report upon return from travel. The trip report shall be submitted within 5 business days of return from earliest date of travel. At a minimum the trip reportshall include: name of employee; date(s) of trip; site visited; trip purpose; relevant observations during trip.

· Check for additional OCONUS Travel Requirements for FAR clauses 52.228-3 and 52.228-4 that apply to OCONUS travel.

Office Work Environment:

· Work is performed indoors with some potential risks to safety and health hazards related to electronics.



· MA/MS with 10 years' direct experience related to this discipline or BA/BS with 8 - 12 years' experience related to this discipline or 15 years' directly related experience.

· Must possess a Favorable National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (NACI)

· Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access), Microsoft Internet Explorer, and other standard (Customer specified) applications.)

· Must be able to transport self to various facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Valid Through: 2019-10-17