Knowledge Management Lead

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Newport News, VA

Industry: Non-Profit


5 - 7 years

Posted 301 days ago

This job is no longer available.


The Knowledge Management (KM) lead shall be the primary liaison to the Government for the KM tasks for a Navy CIO client.  KM is to create, capture, share, and reuse knowledge to enable effective and agile decision-making, increase the efficiency of task accomplishment, and improve mission effectiveness. Through the integration of people and processes, enabled by technology, to facilitate the exchange of operationally relevant information and expertise to increase performance. This role will be provide information to form the basis from which IT decisions will be made and actions will be taken. The lead will be responsible for leading a team of 3-5 in the areas and related deliverables described below.


KM shall improve collaboration, link information, and support process improvement as well as evaluate the client's current KM maturity level; and ensure:

that information and data is accurate, timely, and complete

that data is available for analyses and support in decision making

that information and data are documented and protected properly

maintainenance of the data repository.


Data and Records Management

This role will lead the development and deployment of tools to manage, analyze, and provide metrics in support enterprise requirements by providing the design, development, integration, and implementation support for tools utilized for client initiatives.

* Provide support for developing, implementing, and monitoring IT strategies, plans, policy, and procedures.

* Understand and apply Federal, DOD, DON, Navy and Marine Corps policy and guidance documents including directives, instructions, handbooks, memoranda, orders, messages, etc.

* Assess and assist in developing IT governance policies, processes, and procedures and propose a governance framework that supports execution of Directorate responsibilities.

* Support the development and implementation of a project management framework and program to ensure that the portfolio of projects and investments aligns to the strategic vision, goals, and strategies of the DoD, DoN, and Command.

* Assist in the development of metrics that will allow the Directorate to assess progress against its plans and priorities, report progress, and refine the measures of effectiveness.

* Develop and maintain a standardized, repeatable process for obtaining metrics regarding budget, administrative and asset data.

* Identify and analyze metrics in order to track process performance.

* Review and analyze IT asset data in the NMCI Enterprise Tool (NET).

* Prepare assessment and provide recommendations for data automation to support KM tasks.

* Create, submit, and maintain Lessons Learned as requested.

* Analyze, evaluate, and assist in preparing briefs, reports, and correspondence for all organizational components (director, division, branch, team).

* Prepare and maintain documentation for functions (portfolio, program).

* Assist in developing, reviewing, and updating charters, Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs), Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), and organizational charts to enable more effective communications and organizations for the program and stakeholders.

* Implements policies and standards for the creation, utilization, maintenance, and disposition of paperwork and electronic records.


Data Calls

In the area of information collected from various sources this role will be in charge of a team to prepare, review, and store all data call deliverables to ensure completeness, accuracy, timeliness and format compliance. anticipate ~ 200 data calls annually.

?Provide support for the tasking, tracking and completion of all data calls.

* Provide information and recommendations to respond to Congressional, DoD, and other Government agency inquiries.

* Validate the results of all data calls prior to dissemination by the Government lead.

* Comply with the formatting and quality control requirements of the data calls.

* File the end products in the appropriate designated data repositories.


Data Repositories

Data is housed in multiple systems and data repositories and must be maintained data in each data repository, so this role must assist in developing guidance for information collection, storage, processes, availability, and communications to improve the integrity, quality, and utility of information.

Adhere to all data security standards established by DoD, DON, or other applicable directives, policies, or memoranda.

Provide a review of data in each repository.



Quality Management System (QMS) Support Services

QMS is a structured, systematic approach to developing, maintaining, and improving the procedures, processes, and resources required to execute the the mission. QMS is based on an international set of standards, ISO 9001:2015, and gives us a process to continuously improve our operations and procedures across the board. To support QMS this role will lead a team in providing support for procedures, analysis and documentation in the performance of the following functions:

* Service Review: Review business services and infrastructure services on a regular basis. The aim of this process is to improve service quality where necessary, and to identify more economical ways of providing a service where possible. Conduct Quality Management Reviews of QMS Procedures and documents for accuracy, relevance and completeness for an estimated 120 procedures annually

* Process Evaluation: Evaluate processes and procedures on a regular basis. This includes identifying areas where the targeted process metrics are not reached, and holding regular bench markings, audits, maturity assessments and reviews.

* Define specific initiatives aimed at improving services and processes, based on the results of service reviews and process evaluations. The resulting initiatives are either internal initiatives pursued by the service provider on his own behalf, or initiatives which require the customer’s cooperation.

* Verify if improvement initiatives are proceeding according to plan, and introduce corrective measures where necessary.

* Prepare all Tier I, II, and III QMS documents in accordance with the QMS formats for an estimated 25 procedures.

* Prepare a monthly summary of the status of all QMS tasks to brief leadership.

The KM Lead shall have a demonstrated experience level not less than 7 years of managing and integrated data repository and complex data calls. A PMP or Knowledge Management Institute certification would be preferred for the KM lead.The KM Lead shall manage all aspects of IT Governance, Data Management, Data Strategy, and Data Calls. The KM Lead shall be proficient in principles, methods and practices associated with managing an integrated data repository and multiple data calls. The KM Lead shall be proficient in all Microsoft Office applications, as well as SharePoint.