Junior Postdoctoral Fellow

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This job is no longer available.


  • The incumbent of this position will plan conduct and complete investigations in cooperation with Dr. Fereshteh S. Nugent and other members of her laboratory in a wide range of subjects under study by the principal investigator. The incumbent will prepare reports of the findings for publication. Performs specialized bio-laboratory research using protocols that involve specialized procedures, such as electrophysiological recording and optogenetics from rodent brain slices.
  • Responsible for: participating in the development of new methods and techniques to enhance the reliability of research results or to accommodate experimental conditions. Operates and maintains complex instrumentation and equipment needed for the analyses preformed. Calculates various formulas and concentrations of drugs and chemicals used in various experiments.
  • The incumbent is generally involved in highly specialized assignments requiring the performances of complex laboratory tests. Incumbent analyzes and prepares data for presentation at laboratory group meeting, scientific meetings and for publications in appropriate journals. Assists in the teaching of students the techniques used in the research in which the incumbent is involved, and advises members of the technical staff of this particular research.
  • Maintains detailed and organized records of experimental procedures and observations for the various studies. Serves as a member of a research team and collaborates in carrying out experimental procedures, conducts literature searches, assists in planning research approaches, and in preparing reports of investigations for publication. The incumbent performs many of the duties of this position independently and may be responsible for certain phases of an entire investigation.
  • Responsible for: maintaining and acquiring adequate reagents and expendable materials for operation of the laboratory. Maintains preventive measures in the laboratory, insuring the cleanliness of the laboratory space used and the proper preventive maintenance, calibration, operation, and quality control of laboratory equipment.
  • The incumbent works under the general direction of Dr. Fereshteh S. Nugent, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, who evaluates the incumbent's performance, and is responsible to Dr. Fereshteh Nugent, the principal investigator of the assigned research project(s).


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  Knowledge of appropriate scientific area; ability to analyze and interpret data.

Minimum Education/Training Requirements:  PhD in a related scientific discipline