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President / CEO

Hiring Company Industry: Business Services
Number of Employees: 1 - 100 Employees
Total Compensation: $275K
- Base Salary: 225K
- Bonus / Commission: $50K
- Other: Benefits
Reports to: Chairman
Location: New York, NY
Position Filled
Job Description

Privately held, NYC based Business Services company is searching for a President CEO. The ideal candidate has had operational and business development experience and has demonstrated that he/she has strategically grown a business enterprise. There is no specific industry requirement and corporate or entrepreneurial experiences are relevant.


1. While operational know how, problem solving and process improvement are important attributes for our candidate, a pure operator is not what we seek. We prefer the strategist to the operator, although this strategist will need to have the skills required to implement his/her strategies directly until the org scales to a point where a totally ops focused exec is warranted.


2. The right candidate has to have built something successfully. They need not have built it from scratch or with their own money. But building on top of an existing platform is the building that needs to be done since as the Company is far from start-up status. We will absolutely consider those who have built from scratch, but it is not a hard requirement for us. Similarly, building within a corporate environment  could be as well regarded as a more classic entrepreneurial shoe-string experience - depending on the candidate's overall level of responsibility and leadership for the enterprise.


3. Mostly we seek a candidate who will lead and who has demonstrated success as the leader of an org or group in almost any profit driven context.  The candidate's leadership must cut across all aspects of an enterprise. The size of the org engaged in the enterprise is less important than the fact that the candidate has had overall responsibility in every aspect of it.  He or she must have demonstrated skill, knowledge and vision to: (1) set realistic goals; (2) know what needs to be done (and what resources need to be acquired and deployed) to reach those goals; (3) effectively communicate this vision and goals with all possible constituencies; (4) initiate and coordinate the activities required to put the vision in motion; (5) monitor and correct activities or strategies to insure success; and(6) to scale the platform to support continued growth.


The candidate MUST currently live within reasonable commuting distance to Manhattan.


The ideal candidate should be interested in cash compensation in the mid $200K range with additional bonus and benefits.



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