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Chief Executive Officer (Healthcare)

Hiring Company Industry: Staffing & Recruiting
Number of Employees: 1 - 100 Employees
Total Compensation: $150K - $200K
- Base Salary: $150K - $200K
- Bonus / Commission: Bonus
Reports to: Board of Directors
Location: New York, NY
Position Filled
Job Description

Position Summary- Chief Executive Officer

Reporting to the Managing Members (Board of Managers) the Chief Executive Officer will provide executive leadership to this start-up care management entity. Will provide day to day managements and be responsible for overseeing the operations, clinical, financial, and otherwise of SinglePoint, in addition to scaling operations and building SinglePoint into a high quality, care management enterprise returning a reasonable level of profit to its Members. 


    • Develop, and modify as needed from time to time, a business plan and financial pro-forma for SinglePoint that anticipates the enrollment of a significant numbers of eligible under the state-mandated Managed Long Term Care initiative taking into account NYS DOH roll out plans and the marketing plans of the Managed Care partner(s). 

    • Working with the Board and the Managed Care partner(s), executes the business plan.

    • Enters agreements with the Managed Care partner(s), and modifies, as needed, from time to time those agreements, subject to the approval of the Board.  Such agreements shall pertain to the enrollment of Managed Long Term Care eligibles, including the approval of care management services to such eligibles, the leasing of managerial and IT tools and techniques, and the payment for the care management services that SinglePoint provides to the Managed Care partner(s), and other matters that are required for the success of SinglePoint.

    • Develops a care management capability by effectuating the hiring of such managerial, supervisory and care management professional staff with the requisite experience to conduct care management that meets requirements of the Managed Care partner(s) and the State of New York Department of Health, and is consistent with sound medical and social work practice.  Such capability includes the initial and subsequent assessment of eligibles for services, the authorization of such services to the Managed Care partner, and the development of quality control procedures that meet the requirements of the Managed Care partner(s) and the NYS DOH.

    • Initiates the development of an Independent Practice Association by selecting, in concert with the Managed Care partner(s), appropriate providers or vendors of covered services. Develops appropriate managed care contracts with those providers and vendors.  Through the care managers, monitors the quality and timeliness of such services that are provided. Works with the Managed Care partner(s) to add or subtract such providers from the network.

    • Coordinates all marketing and promotional activities of SinglePoint’s services to the UJA – Federation network and other entities and communities and leads all new business development efforts.

    • Responsible for the financial integrity including P/L of SinglePoint, including regular reports to the Board Subject to Board approval, will be responsible for the hiring of an outside auditor/accountant to periodically review the books of SinglePoint in addition to other advisors that may be necessary to effectuate the business of SinglePoint.

    • Is accountable to the Board; maintains a close and professional working relationship with the Members of the Board and prepares regular reports to the Board at Board Meetings and as may otherwise be requested by the Board.

Relevant Experience and Credentials

    • 10+ years of experience as a health care executive with prior P/L responsibility for a unit or division of a larger health care organization, managed care entity or health related company.

    • Solid knowledge of the provision of long term care services, including skilled nursing care (institutional and home based), homecare and personal care services, etc.

    • Knowledge of with health care and Medicaid and Medicare law and regulation, both federal and New York Stat in addition to managed care contracting, underwriting and pricing.

    • Advanced management or healthcare degree – such as M.S.R.N. or other a plus.

 Personal Qualities

    • Entrepreneurial; prepared to take some risk in a startup.

    • Skill and experience in selecting senior staff for a startup.

    • Ability to get things done through building consensus; comfort in working in an environment with multiple players.

    • Good listener.

    • Skill at working with Boards.

    • Strategic and detail oriented.

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