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President / CEO

Hiring Company Industry: Financial Services
Number of Employees: 1 - 100 Employees
Total Compensation: $140K
Reports to: Board of Directors
Location: Denver, CO
Position Filled
Job Description

President/Chief Executive Officer



The President/Chief Executive Officer has responsibility for management in all aspects of the bank to ensure maximum profits within the best interest of the shareholders, customers, employees and the community and consistent also with the safety and soundness of the bank.  In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the CEO has responsibility for the formation and maintenance of capital, capital expenditures, acquisition and/or disposition of assets and the declaration of dividends.  In addition, the CEO is responsible for the financial record keeping, budgets and regulatory agency and government reports. 


This individual is responsible for the planning, implementation and control of long-term objectives subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.  The CEO develops and maintains the organizational structure, hires competent personnel and plans for management succession with the concurrence of the personnel and compensation committee of the board.  The CEO coordinates major activities through subordinates and evaluates bank wide operations under the guidance of the board. 


The CEO provides leadership in establishing overall objectives, policies and plans.  The CEO develops the pricing and development policies in conjunction with various committees of the board.  The CEO reviews all financial and operational reports, determines adequacy of reserves and makes recommendations as necessary to the board.   


The CEO maintains relationships with customers, peers within the banking community, employees, the board of directors and regulators.  This individual is responsible for implementing the overall marketing plan of the bank under the guidance of the board.  In addition, this individual is responsible for shareholder relations as well as planning the annual shareholder meeting. 


The CEO acts as the bank’s principle representative with the press, other businesses, community and industry associations along with government agencies.  The CEO is a member of all board committees except the audit and compliance committee. 


It is expected this individual will be involved in the development of all operating policies and procedures of the bank.  It includes establishing and implementing proper procedures to ensure adequate internal controls in each bank function.  The CEO will coordinate all regulatory exams while keeping senior management informed of regulatory changes that affect the bank’s operations. 


The CEO is expected to represent the bank at various civic and professional organizations as required. Communication within the organization and in the community is vital and the President/CEO is expected to provide leadership to maintain relationships

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