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LAMP Developer

Hiring Company Industry: Government
Number of Employees: 100 - 1,000 Employees
Total Compensation: $90K
Reports to: Development Manager
Location: New York, NY
Position Filled
Job Description

The Web / CMS Developer will be primarily responsible for ongoing website development
including additions and enhancements to our open source content management
system. Website pages rage from static pages that load content from database
tables to dynamic pages that load content from multiple sources including
customized CMS applications. General web development knowledge and experience
with LAMP servers is a must. Ideal candidates will have several years of web
development experience in a CMS driven environment and extensive Linux, Apache,
PHP, and MySQL expertise.





  • Maintain Content Management System code base and customized

  • Maintain MySQL server database table contents as it pertains to web site

  • Develop web based solutions that satisfy internal requests for new functionality on our web

  • Extend site and CMS code base as needed following existing PHP class and templates

  • Lead development efforts during ongoing migration from legacy static website designs
    toward CMS driven dynamic websites.

  • Maintain CSS definitions to ensure a consistent user experience across all company

  • After learning the environment, train users on proper CMS usage to ensure consistent
    publishing of documents or other website material and general content.

  • Work closely with internal teams such as Conference and Membership departments to
    ensure prompt delivery of requested website enhancements.

  • Develop modern, logically coded solutions to replace older legacy websites that service
    primary functions such as shopping cart and purchasing.

  • Work with CRM / Membership database developer to integrate website content pages with
    backend databases.



Education, Technical Knowledge, and Skills:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer related field, or equivalent work experience

  • 3 years web development experience.

  • LAMP – Candidate should have experience administering Linux, Apache, MySQL, and
    PHP/Perl and should have the skills to independently install and configure these
    systems on a standalone box without supervision.

  • Linux – Network Operating System administration is not a day-to-day function of this
    position but knowledge in this area is a plus.

  • Apache – Possessing a working knowledge of Apache2 settings and models including php, and
    rewrite is important.

  • MySQL – Modern website design skills are incomplete without a firm grasp of database
    development skills. Ability to create connection strings and SQL statements is a
    must for any candidate.

  • PHP5 – Candidate should be focused on developing sites using the latest PHP5 features
    including classes and templates GD, cURL, and Zend.

  • Javascript / VBscript – good understanding of website scripting languages and when to
    employ them is a requirement.

  • Experience with cross-browser and cross-platform development (IE, Firefox, Safari, Windows, Mac, iDevice, etc.) is a plus for candidates.

  • ASP/ experience will give any candidate an advantage.

  • IIS6/IIS7 expertise is a bonus.

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