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Posted 8 weeks ago

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Job Description

CCI has a Client who is seeking a Candidate to guide Client through the process of developing the Strategic Planning Initiative and associated deliverables. The ITD Strategic Planning Initiative should include the following components:

  • Technology Assessment: Perform a review of the departments existing Policies and Procedures and potential use of emerging technologies. Incorporate observations and recommendations into the Information Technology Strategic Plan:
  • Policies and Procedures: Assess current technology and media policies in place and make recommendations on policies and procedures to adopt.
  • Emerging Technologies: Make general recommendations regarding the potential benefits of new or emerging technologies. Include analysis of current and future projects related to Smart City and Digital Government technologies.
  • IT Organization and Operations Assessment: Per the City's Sustainability Program ITD requests that the vendor begin with an assessment to understand and document the current state of the Department. This includes documenting enterprise-wide IT business demands, ITD's current capabilities in meeting these demands, and identifying the gap between the two. This will require interviews with ITD leadership and staff, as well as with ITD's customers.

After the Assessment is complete and findings are documented, the vendor will be expected to facilitate a discussion with ITD leadership to discuss these gaps, needs and other key findings.

  • Council Priorities, Guiding Principles and IT Strategy: The City's current Strategic Plan including Guiding Principles and IT Strategy were developed in alignment with the Council's goals in prior years. The selected vendor will analyze each based on the City's current and future business needs and goals to determine if these still meet the City's needs and if not present options for meeting those needs.
  • IT Strategy: The IT strategy document should summarize how an IT organization and IT services will contribute to the success of the enterprise, but be specific enough to drive IT decision making. The IT Strategy must detail ITD's approach to achieving its mission and vision. The vendor will be expected to use the findings from the Assessment to inform the IT Strategy.

It is very important to note the difference between the IT strategy and the IT strategic plan. The strategy sets direction, whereas the strategic plan outlines the specific initiatives over the next few years, in varying levels of detail.

  • Strategic Plan: While the IT Strategy will lay out the direction of ITD, the Strategic Plan will act as the road map to lay out what needs to be done to achieve ITD's vision. This will include actionable steps, tasks and timelines.

The Strategic Plan will include:

  • From the documented findings and requirements, make project recommendations that will help ensure the City's ability to effectively use technology to support its current and future business needs
  • Organization wide and department-specific IT strategies, goals and objectives that relate to the City's strategic priorities and create IT performance metrics. Performance metrics should be measurable and meaningful, serving as indicators of how well the City's IT system is functioning.
  • Prioritization of recommended projects based off the City's current and proposed business needs and goals. Evaluate alternative approaches and ensure projects are based on industry standards and best practices
  • Identification of cost saving technologies, efficiencies, and initiatives to support current and future citywide operations and departmental needs.
  • Provide project timelines, hardware, software, implementation costs, project dependencies and benefits taking into account City budgetary considerations and resource requirements. Ensure the recommendations include ongoing operational support impacts regarding staff and budget impacts.
  • Identify staff resources and training required to implement the plan


  • Candidate must have a minimum of five years' experience in developing IT Strategic plans.
  • Candidate must have prior experience with similar projects in the public sector.
  • Demonstrate evidence of substantial knowledge and experience in developing strategic plans/goal-setting efforts for local government organization. A preference is placed on projects with the public sector and Enterprise IT.