Insider Threat Analyst

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5 - 7 years

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The Insider Threat  Group  (ITG) serves as the  "Hub"  of the Insider Threat   Program.    The  ITG  consists  of   a  small   group   of professionals  with  demonstrated experience   in Security,  Counterintelligence (Cl), Law  Enforcement  (LE),  Computer  Network  Defense  (CND), and other expertise  necessary to identify  anomalous  behavior  indicative  of an  insider threat. This group identifies  behavior  indicative  of a  potential  threat  using host-based  insider threat  detection, analysis and correlation  tools,  developing a comprehensive picture  of the event. 

The successful Insider Threat Analyst will perform as a multi-disciplinary analyst working  as part of  the  ITG, employing various skills and experiences, including but not limited to, Insider Threat,  Security,  Cl,  LE,   and  CND   to   identify  anomalous behavior indicative of  an insider threat;  and uses host-based  insider threat   detection,   analysis and   correlation   tools   to   develop   a comprehensive picture of the potential threat. The analyst will collect, review,  interpret,  correlate  and analyze employee  related data to  identify  behavior indicative of a potential  insider threat;  and employs   host   based  insider  threat   detection   tools   to   monitor employee  user  activity   on   government  information   technology systems.




Demonstrate previous experience and success in:

  • Strong analytical skills with expertise in one of the disciplines/tradecraft listed below:

  • Intel analysts

  • All source analysts


  • Finance

  • Law Enforcement

  • Utilizing  a  variety  of   databases  to   conduct   research   regarding employees whose  behavior may potentially  pose a risk  to  an organization.

  • Assisting entities  in support  of formal investigations  and/or inquiries to resolve insider  threat  related  matters,  employee  misconduct,  or violations  of law
  • Maintain  the   highest  professional   standards  regarding   personal conduct while performing  work on the contract.

  • Possess  a  demonstrated    ability  to   communicate   moderately complex  information,   concepts  or  ideas in  a confident  and  well­ organized manner

  • Possess a minimum of  five  years of  experience in Insider Threat, Security, Cl, LE, IG investigative activities and/or a minimum five years of experience  as an Intelligence  or Risk Management  Analyst.

  • Active TS-SCI clearance eligible for a CI-Poly. Current CI-Poly desired.

  • Self-starter that requires minimal supervision and assimilates into an organization quickly

  • Ability to maintain decorum and  positive attitude in all situations.


  • Have  demonstrated   experience with  the  standard  DoD  insider threat  detection  tool  and demonstrated  experience in mid-level to advanced analytic methodologies.
  • Effectively collaborating with  insider threat  detection  tool  engineers and behavior modelers to  prioritize and improve lead identification.

  • Insider Threat background after 2009 preferably after 2013

  • Bachelors Degree