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In collaboration with end-users designs and modifies complex business rules in software applications to support organizational needs. May design, build, test, debug and install application systems.

Detailed responsibilities:

• Plans, designs, develops, and installs assigned systems.

• Tests and troubleshoots existing and proposed systems.

• Functions as an independent project manager or lead for a module or system. Provides expert and creative solutions to user requirements, inquiries and problems.

• Analyzes business and clinical processes and data to identify opportunities and improve existing processes using information technology.

Competencies and skills:


• STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR: Acts in a manner that supports the standards of communication, respect, privacy, and teamwork by demonstrating a commitment to professional and ethical conduct.

• CUSTOMER SERVICE: Demonstrates commitment to service excellence by promptly addressing internal/external customer issues/requests, resolving concerns while maintaining a professional image and behavior to build and enhance the patient/family/customer experience.

• ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepts ownership of job roles and specific assignments/goals; works independently, takes responsibility for own actions; admits mistakes and judgment errors; and accepts constructive feedback. Connects personal work results to the accomplishment of team and organizational goals.

• RESPONDING TO CHANGE: Accepts change and adapts in a positive and productive manner; handles unexpected situations and changes in direction calmly and with confidence. Views new assignments and job responsibilities as an opportunity for growth.

• IT APPLICATIONS: Implements and administers applications for IT systems.

• SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE: Designs and adapts an information technology framework that accommodates multiple, co-existing operating systems.

• DATA MINING, ANALYSIS & REPORTING: Collects, compiles and conducts mining and analysis of data for defined purpose.

• SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION: Performs systems administration functions for designated information systems/technologies.

• INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECURITY: Ensures the security of the organization's information systems by establishing and/or enforcing policies and processes to identify and remedy security risks/breaches.

• IT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Responds timely to end user requests for technical assistance.

• ACCURACY: Completes work assignments within established quality and/or quantity standards.

• ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING: Uses decision making processes and tools to analyze situations and make effective decisions.

• DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS: Builds positive and productive business relationships with individuals and groups.

• EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Communicates effectively with various audiences using the most appropriate method for the situation.

• PROBLEM SOLVING: Ability to identify, analyze and effectively solve problems.

• TEAM WORK: Contributes to fullest potential to achieve team goals.

• EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS: Develops and delivers presentations using effective facilitation techniques and audio visual materials.

• PRODUCTIVE WORK SESSIONS: Plans and conducts efficient and productive meetings/work sessions.

• BUILDING A BUSINESS CASE: Justifies project, equipment, or staffing expenditures by identifying cost, outcomes, and impact on related initiatives.

• PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Leads project teams and implements project plans in accordance with established goals and measures.

• HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION AND APPLICATION: Performs systems administration functions for designated information systems/technologies and implements and administers applications for IT systems.

• HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: Versed in healthcare industry's trends, directions, major issues, regulatory considerations and trendsetters.



• Accredited Program


Education equivalent experience:


• Graduate of an accredited program in a related field

Other information:

Complexity of Work: Requires critical thinking skills, effective communication skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a stressful environment and take appropriate action. May require specialized knowledge of a business line.

Required Work Experience: 3 years

Working conditions:


• Bending and Stooping 40.00%

• Climbing 20.00%

• Keyboard Entry 60.00%

• Kneeling 40.00%

• Lifting/Carrying Patients 35 Pounds or Greater 20.00%

• Lifting or Carrying 0 - 25 lbs Non-Patient 60.00%

• Lifting or Carrying 25.01 lbs - 75 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%

• Lifting or Carrying > 75 lbs Non-Patient 20.00%

• Pushing or Pulling 0 - 25 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%

• Pushing or Pulling 26 - 75 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%

• Pushing or Pulling > 75 lbs Non-Patient 20.00%

• Reaching 40.00%

• Repetitive Movement Hand/Arm 60.00%

• Sitting 60.00%

• Squatting 40.00%

• Standing 60.00%

• Walking 60.00%

• Audible Speech 60.00%

• Hearing Acuity 60.00%

• Depth Perception 60.00%

• Distinguish Color 60.00%

• Seeing - Far 60.00%

• Seeing - Near 60.00%

• Bio hazardous Waste 20.00%

• Biological Hazards - Respiratory 20.00%

• Biological Hazards - Skin or Ingestion 20.00%

• Blood and/or Bodily Fluids 20.00%

• Communicable Diseases and/or Pathogens 20.00%

• Cytotoxic Chemicals 20.00%

• Dust 60.00%

• Gas/Vapors/Fumes 20.00%

• Hazardous Chemicals 20.00%

• Hazardous Medication 20.00%

• Latex 20.00%

• Computer Monitor 60.00%

• Domestic Animals 20.00%

• Hazardous Noise 20.00%

• Laser/High Intensity Lights 20.00%

• Magnetic Fields 20.00%

• Moving Mechanical Parts 20.00%

• Potential Electric Shock 20.00%

• Radiation 20.00%

• Wet or Slippery Surfaces 20.00%

Organizational Profile:

Memorial Healthcare System, consisting of 6 acute care hospitals, a nursing home, outpatient facilities, home health services and physician practices, provides quality, comprehensive care to the residents of the surrounding communities. We invite you to join one of the nation's leading healthcare systems, recognized for use of advanced technology and clinical informatics.

Memorial Support Services provides a variety of business services to support our facilities. The main offices are located in Miramar with satellite offices located throughout our system.

Disclaimer: This job description is not intended, nor should it be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. It is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.