IA Technical (IAT) Level II

ManTech International   •  

Chantilly, VA

5 - 7 years

Posted 177 days ago

This job is no longer available.

ManTech is seeking a motivated, career and customer oriented IA Technical (IAT) Level II to join our team in Chantilly, VA to provide unparalleled support to our customer and to begin an exciting and rewarding career within ManTech. 

Job Description

lAT Level II personnel provide more advanced support to the customer’s Information Systems (IS). They pay special attention to intrusion detection, finding and fixing unprotected vulnerabilities, and ensuring that remote access points are well secured. These positions focus on threats and vulnerabilities and improve the security of systems. They have a mastery of the functions in the Level I position. They apply knowledge and experience with standard lA concepts, practices, and procedures. They work under general supervision.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • ·Demonstrate expertise in IAT Level I with the customer’s IS knowledge and skills.
  • ·Examine potential security violations to determine if the customer’s policy has been breached, assess the impact, and preserve evidence.
  • ·Support, monitor, test and troubleshoot hardware and software lA problems pertaining to the IS.
  • ·Recommend and schedule lA related repairs in the IS.
  • ·Perform lA related customer support functions including installation, configuration, troubleshooting, customer assistance, and/or training, in response to customer requirements for the IS.
  • ·Provide end user support for all lA related applications for the IS.
  • ·Analyze patterns of non-compliance and take appropriate administrative or programmatic actions to minimize security risks and insider threats.
  • ·Manage accounts, network rights, and access to the IS and equipment.
  • ·Assess the performance of security controls within the IS.
  • ·Identify lA vulnerabilities resulting from a departure from the implementation plan or that were not apparent during testing.
  • ·Provide leadership and direction to lA operations personnel.
  • ·Configure, optimize, and test network server, hubs, routers, and switches to ensure they comply with security policy, procedures, and technical requirements.
  • ·Install, test, maintain, and upgrade network operating systems software and hardware to comply with lA requirements.
  • ·Evaluate potential security risks and take appropriate corrective and recovery action.
  • ·Ensure that hardware, software, data, and facility resources are archived, sanitized, or disposed of in a manner consistent with system security plans and requirements.
  • ·Diagnose and resolve lA problems in response to reported incidents.
  • ·Research, evaluate, and provide feedback on problematic lA trends and patterns in customer support requirements.
  • ·Ensure that lAT Level I personnel are properly trained and have met OJT program requirements.
  • ·Perform system audits to assess security related factors with the IS.
  • ·Develop and implement access control lists on routers, firewalls, and other network devices.
  • ·Install perimeter defense systems including intrusion detection systems, firewalls, grid sensor, etc., and enhance rule sets to block sources of malicious traffic.
  • ·Work with other privileged users to jointly solve lA problems.
  • ·Write and maintain scripts for the NRO IS.
  • ·Demonstrate proficiency in applying security requirements to an operating system for the IS used in their current position.
  • ·Implement applicable patches including lA vulnerability alerts (lAVA)/ Intelligence Community (IC) vulnerability alerts (ICVAs), lA vulnerability bulletins (IAVBs)/IC vulnerability bulletins (ICVBs), and technical advisories (TA) for the IS.
  • ·Adhere to IS security laws and regulations to support functional operations for the IS.
  • ·Implement response actions in reaction to security incidents.
  • ·Support the design and execution of exercise scenarios.
  • ·Support Security Test and Evaluations (Part of C&A process)
  • ·Obtain and maintain lA certification appropriate to the position.

Position Requirements:

  • ·Minimum Education: B.S. or relevant experience in related field.
  • ·Minimum/General Experience: 6 years of relevant experience.
  • ·Must be DoD 8570.01 compliant within 6 months of the hire date.