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Job Description

🚀 A little about Rupa - The future is personalized, root-cause healthcare.

Rupa makes lab testing simple. We turn an archaic 15 hour-a-week process into a delightful 15 min task for practitioners ordering lab testing for their patients.

Lab testing is the key to a more personalized and holistic approach to medicine, and Rupa is paving the way with critical infrastructure for this next generation of healthcare. Through Rupa, practitioners can order specialty testing, such as DNA testing, microbiome testing, advanced fertility and hormone testing, blood labs, and more.

This comprehensive and personalized approach to healthcare is the missing piece for the millions of people suffering from complex, chronic health conditions. Rather than band-aid solutions, practitioners utilize our platform to understand, diagnose, and treat the root cause of people’s health issues through testing. At Rupa, we are building the infrastructure to make this root-cause approach the standard of care for every person on the planet. 🌎

Starting with lab testing, Rupa is bringing tools and resources to trailblazing practitioners who are practicing medicine in a way that truly helps people get well.

💙 Our Rupa Team - The best part of this whole journey!

You’ll be joining our all-star team who have 10+ years experience in the space, have won awards for their biotech research, worked hands on with chronically ill patients, built multiple multi-billion-dollar companies, and much more. The team comes from Stanford, Wharton, Y Combinator, Parsley Health, Lululemon, Everlywell, Equinox, One Medical, and more. We each have very personal reasons for wanting to transform this space. We’ve experienced firsthand the impact personalized medicine can have and are committed to this cause.

Beyond our collective excitement for the space, we’re a super close team who values personal development, being active, growth mindsets, a great sense of humor, and a healthy balance of optimism and realism. We work hard, care about each other, and have a ton of fun. 🙌

🤩 The Role - A day in the life of a Product Marketing Manager at Rupa.

Imagine... You wake up and pour yourself a cup of coffee (or maybe an oat milk matcha latte).

This is it.

Launch day.

It’s not just the culmination of two months of hard work from the team designing, iterating, getting user feedback, and writing thousands of lines of code. If you really think about it, every second of human history has led to this moment.

We learned to write. We developed mathematics. A group of crazy PhD’s invented the Large Language Model which is basically magic shoved into a nicely formatted API.

Today is the day you launch AI Food Plans, and YOU are the chosen PMM destined to Shepard this product to the eagerly awaiting masses of functional medicine practitioners.

You hit the big red send button to the thunderous applause (clicks?) of tens of thousands of doctors. You hold your breath, praying the servers don’t crash from the weight of the market pulling our new product into existence.

This is just an average Thursday for you.

AI Food Plans? AI Lab Results? In Office Kits? Physician Services? Bootcamps for doctors?

You make launching world changing products look easy.

It’s not easy though. You know the hard work that goes into crafting compelling messages, putting words on paper & email & ad copy, words that cause humans to feel things. Words that cause humans to buy things.

You know that it is no small task to deeply understand every pixel of the product, to identify key value props and to align them with the chaotic mess of customer segments that makes up the Root Cause Medicine industry. To flawlessly transition between product and messaging and promotion.

You know how hard it is to coordinate & align stakeholders between the product team building features, the growth team driving user demand, and the executives setting vision.

It’s not easy.

But you make it look easy, because honestly you might just be the greatest Product Marketing Manager to grace the face of Root Cause Medicine, and this is your chance to do some of the most important work of your life.

Because you are the messenger, bringing Root Cause Medicine to the world.


- [Communication + Emails] Must be a world-class communicator. Extremely strong at writing emails, verbal communication, marketing copy (email, ads, website, etc.), creating slides, presenting slides, etc.

- [Design Thinking] Must have extremely strong design thinking skills. For any specific feature, you need to be able to understand what it does, the value props behind it, why it’s important, and how to best launch it into the world across a multitude of possible marketing channels (email, partnerships, social, ads, demo’s, webinars, etc.)

- [Cross Functional] Must be able to work extremely well cross functionally. It’s not enough to “work well with others”, this role has an insanely huge blast radius working with our product team, growth team, exec team, you need to be able to consolidate opinions, herd the cats, align the unaligned, and be the shining example of how to work cross functionally.

- [Experienced] For this role to be successful we are looking for an experienced Product Marketer that deeply understands the role, able to fill in the gaps we may be unaware of, to show us what A+ looks like, is able to hit the ground running without much oversight.

- [Product Launches] We know this role must be able to help us launch our products & features into the world. This person must be extremely organized, able to stack rank feature launches, document the sources of truth, strategize with our Growth/Marketing team on the best way to ship the feature, get buy in from product before hitting launch, and able to ship our most important features into the world.

- [Voice of the Customer] Be able to own our entire Product Marketing function, being the voice of the customer, defining our customer segments, deeply understand every product feature in detail, the value props behind them, and how to communicate it to the market across all of our messaging.

Rupa Health is a healthcare technology company that provides patients with access to integrative and functional medicine practitioners. The company's platform allows patients to search for and book appointments with practitioners who specialize in a variety of areas, including nutrition, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Rupa Health's mission is to make integrative and functional medicine accessible to everyone. The company is committed to improving the health and well-being of its patients and to providing them with the best possible care. Rupa Health is dedicated to providing its patients with the highest level of service and care, and to helping them achieve their health goals.
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