Hardware Design Engineer


Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Telecommunications.


5 - 7 years

Posted 388 days ago

  by    Alex Kramer
  • Currently looking for a former hardware design engineer, ideally someone who has remote control devices, key pad or touch pad design experience. 
  • Candidate will be lead on next generation remotes.
  • The current remote does more than just touch, has a lot of DSP in it. Someone with familiarity with voice/DSP design would be helpful as well as a little bit of Wi-Fi, RFIC and ZigBee (Currently using more ZigBee than Wi-Fi).
  • This person provides support to the remote control product team, reviewing schematics, review the PCB layout, etc. Really need someone to make sure that the product team is getting support and getting the right information.
  • They won't be doing the physical designing, but if they've had that design experience it will certainly be helpful. 

Position Requirements:

  • Touchpad or key pad experience, voice control experience, familiarity QualComm chip sets. 
  • They currently use IR, RF4CE in the remotes so prior experience with that would be helpful.
  • Experience reviewing schematics and PCB layouts
  1. The candidate will not create schematics and PCB layouts, but must be able to review, understand, and critique the designs being presented.
  2. The candidate will be expected to approve the designs for quality, cost, and schedule. He/ she must keep vendors in check.  
  • Experience with RF and familiarity with Wi-Fi and ZigBee.
  1. We do not need an RF expert, just someone with enough knowledge to converse with experts during the design process and reviews.
  • Will need to understand thermal to avoid overheating in the device.

Additional Requirements:

  • Knowledge with microprocessors, audio DSP devices, WIFI devices and sensors.
  • Experience with ORCAD or Mentor tools
  • Knowledge of power regulation devices
  • Familiarity with Physical and environmental testing
  • Familiarity with ESD and surge protection circuitry 
$100K - $120K