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Job Description

Job Description

The Role

Meltwater is offering a B2B client facing sales role working with our clients. Our goal is to create positive, long-lasting relationships through customer engagement with the product to increase the overall value of their service.

We service over 30,000 clients with SaaS solutions helping them understand their markets, engage their customers, and master the new social business environment.

What to expect as a Growth Executive:

· Sales focus (client facing) with both personal and team targets

· Responsible for increasing revenue by negotiating upsell contracts to ensure long- term client satisfaction and product implementation.

· Represent Meltwater at client meetings on a regular basis

· Proactively engage with Client Success colleagues across the West Coast region and share knowledge with colleagues in other offices, often involving travel.

· Act as an a

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Valid through: 2020-2-21

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