General Manager


Boston, MA

Industry: Metals & Mining


8 - 10 years

Posted 313 days ago

  by    Matty Meyerberg

General Position Summary & Responsibilities:

This position reports to the Regional General Manager. The General Manager drives, guides and influences the day-to-day business activities of a single facility or groups of facilities. The General Manager relays the company’s vision of business growth and diversification to their team, monthly forecasting and annual budgeting. This position directs staff to achieve individual and facility goals and successfully delegates responsibility. This position ensures compliance with company policies and established regulations; Health & Safety (H&S), and Environmental, Security, the management and administration of personnel, operations/production activities, cost controls, inventory quality and quantity specifications. Managing each department under their purview, the General Manager makes informed, measured decisions regarding departmental activities. To make sound business decisions, the General Manager must comprehend and synthesize high volumes of information including: metrics, reports, and written and verbal communications in a fast paced environment. 

Essential Functions:

1.    Environmental and Health & Safety (H&S) -Responsible for overall H&S issues within facility by working closely with the Regional Safety Engineer(s). Ensures Environmental compliance in accordance with company, federal and state policies by working closely with the Regional Environmental Manager.

Specific accountabilities include:

1.    Providing a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors.

2.    Monitoring H&S programs administered by MRB H&S department.

3.    Following an incident or accident, communicating Corrective Action Plans to all personnel per policy.

4.    Monitoring environmental compliance in order to report any deficiencies and/or issues to the appropriate Environmental party and Regional General Manager and Regional Director.

    Commercial - Participates in the execution of Scrap Materials Procurement program as defined by the Regional Commercial Group and facility Commercial Operations team. Specific accountabilities include:

   - Communicating with Commercial and Logistics Departments, ensuring material purchase quotas are met for the facilities and that materials are transferred or shipped in a timely fashion.

Monitoring inbound material purchases ensuring proper grading and customer pricing.

Daily review of inbound material receipts report by customer and by commodity, ensuring accurate pricing and volumes.

   - Providing direct supervision as needed to the Commercial Operations Manager.   

 -Reviewing purchase prices and comparing to sell prices; providing reasonable metal spreads to ensure profit of all material processing and handling.


    Budgeting & Forecasting - Works closely with Departmental Managers and Regional Financial Business Partner(s) in regard to internal budgeting and forecasting. 

Specific accountabilities include:

1.    Analyzing operating efficiencies of each cost center (shredder, shear, torch, stockpiling, etc).

2.    Reviewing inventory and production levels with regard to material sold and current market conditions.

3.    Operates facilities within the established forecasts, operating budgets, and CAPEX budgets.

4.    Recommending, on a yearly basis, prioritized capital expenditures, accounting for: environmental necessities; safety enhancements; equipment condition code and replacement program; operational efficiency needs; ability to sustain operations and business growth including new business opportunities.


 Operational Performance & Best Management Practices - Responsible for clarifying, validating, analyzing and testing for accuracy in all assigned areas. 

Specific accountabilities include:

   - Production and Maintenance in all departments.

Assuring committed production levels are achieved and maintained for all departments.

   -Optimizing utilization of key equipment

   - Monitoring equipment needs and availability for all locations.

Overseeing proper equipment maintenance, servicing and utilization.

    -P&L of inbound products – Ferrous and Non-Ferrous.

   - Reviewing Time and Weight studies.

    -Assessing relative cost effectiveness of sub-contractors, including transportation, burners, etc.

Forecasting monthly production with Department Managers in conjunction with Commercial group ensuring that facility goals are met.

- Supporting other company locations as necessary.


    Inventory & Quality Control - Responsible for monitoring and maintaining yard inventories (ferrous and nonferrous) for accuracy. Specific accountabilities include:

    Managing inventory levels in accordance with market data.

    Maintaining accurate physical material inventories in all facilities keeping in compliance with all internal and SOX controls.


    Security - Responsible for overall facility security, including the oversight of outside securitycontractors. At port facilities, the General Manager may designate another manager (generally the Terminal Operations Manager or Ship Loading Supervisor) as the Maritime Security (MARSEC) Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Ensuring safe operation of facility stevedoring activities.

    Administrative Management - Directs management in the supervision and performance evaluation of personnel and their activities within the facility.

Specific accountabilities include:

1.    Working with Department Managers to identify and implement necessary training for all personnel

2.    Ensuring accurate reporting for production departments.

3.    Administration and record keeping relative to Operations and Maintenance of facility, buildings and equipment.

Following HR guidelines for status changes, salary changes, goal setting, annual reviews/evaluations, and payroll issues

4.    Reviewing organizational charts and job descriptions for accuracy.


5.    Special Projects - Performs other special projects which may require project management experience or specialized knowledge.

Job Conditions:

Exposure to physical operations at metal recycling yards; it is necessary to walk/climb in active industrial yards with uneven surfaces and to out-of-the-way areas. Occasional exposure to inclement weather conditions and travel is required. Work pressure can be substantial during peak times, requiring considerable adaptability; disturbances of work flow, and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Regular overtime is required. Offsite work involves meeting in person with current or potential customers, and visiting other company locations. Travel estimated at 25%.



A Bachelors degree in Business Administration / Operations Management or equivalent combination of education and / or experience. 

A minimum of 7-10 years of related experience with operations management responsibilities.  

Experience within the metals recycling industry with experience in scrap purchasing and operations management preferred. 

Possession of a valid driver’s license and the ability to drive an automobile.

Ability to communicate, in a professional manner, to all levels of individuals.

Computer skills including Microsoft Suite.

Supervisory and management skills:

Ability to: negotiate and communicate with unions; define problems and collect data, establish facts, draw conclusions and then make decisions; apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to a wide range of intellectual and practical problems; deal with a large number of variables and determine a specific course of action.