Fintech Consultant


Dearborn, MI

Industry: Non-Profit


15+ years

Posted 194 days ago

  by    Gregory Bird

This job is no longer available.

This role will be initially based at the HQ in Dearborn Michigan USA but will have an international profile and may be relocated to the most suitable location for international e Finance.


The Fintech Consultant will provide expert analysis and advice on the building of an e Finance revenue sharing entity. The Consultant will be responsible in identifying and negotiating with potential partners who will have a global profile in e Finance, Banking, Investment Banking and e Payment services and technologies. The Consultant will have an initial establishment of the business role followed by a supervisory partnering role with the chosen partner. Deep knowledge and experience in B2B and B2C e Finance and e Payment is essential as well as the preparation and negotiation of documentation in various disciplines including offer memorandums and mergers and acquisitions. The Consultant will be required to work closely with the Business Development Director, Finance Director and Legal Director and have experience in working withInvestment Bankers. The Consultant will also need to work in a technical capacity to provide advice and support to the Director of Technology regarding the establishment of a global Digital Economy e Finance platform focused on the B2B market. 


  1. Provide analysis, research and advice on the establishment of the revenue sharing partner and contribute to M&A and business strategic planning 
  2. Have experience in e Finance, e Payment, sales, analysis and in particular, e Finance and e Payment enablement, Research Services 
  3. Have deep knowledge of revenue generation strategies for e Finance and e Payment systems 
  4. Provide expert e Finance advice on issues arising from the selection of a global revenue sharing partner 
  5. Be exceptionally well connected and regarded in the e Finance and e Payment marketplace with an excellent record in B2B and B2C business transactions 
  6. Develop and recommend company policy and position on e Finance issues. 
  7. Conduct and coordinate research into a variety of e Finance, B2B and B2C issues in particular the identification of suitable business partners 
  8. Represent the Company or its officials in various high level meetings with investment bankers, legal and finance professionals 
  9. Represent the company at discussions, negotiations and strategy sessions with potential partners and ultimately the agreed partner 
  10. Write, review, and edit reports, opinions, correspondence, articles, and other documents pertinent to e Finance and the B2B Marketplace 
  11. Be a spokesperson and opinion leader in e Finance circles, seminars, conferences and symposia 
  12. Develop and recommend operating policy and procedural improvements.

Desired Skills and Experience

Qualification & Experience

  1. Masters Degree in e Finance, e Commerce or related field of IT and business. An additional degree of a MBA is preferred 
  2. Knowledge of e Finance, e Payments and e Commerce in the B2B and B2C marketplace is essential along with at least 15years working experience with strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
  3. Wide range of knowledge in finance, banking, investment banking and e Services as related to the e Finance and e Payment environment 
  4. Membership of national and international professional bodies related to e Finance and e Commerce 
  5. Visibility requires maintaining a professional appearance and providing a positive company image to the public.