Financial Management & Execution Lead

Logistics Management Institute   •  

Newport News, VA

Industry: Non-Profit


5 - 7 years

Posted 301 days ago

This job is no longer available.


The Financial management and execution task Lead shall be the primary liaison to the Government for the FM functions of this contract. The FM Lead shall manage all aspects of Planning, Programming and Budget, and Acquisition Support as depicted in this PWS. The Lead shall be proficient in the principles methods and practices associated with lifecycle cost estimation.  Be experienced in leading a team of 5-8 in providing program management/project management services, financial management support, and IT mission support services.

Location is in the Norfolk area at a Navy client. Some travel may be required (DC and St. Louis areas). 


The position require the ability to support Planning, Programming and Biudgeting:

Draft, analyze, integrate, review, and provide recommendations for project milestones and other documentation in accordance with Government, DoD, and Navy regulations/directives.

Recommend resolution of issues for project milestone decisions.

Review, analyze, and provide recommendations to utilize new initiatives and best practices to improve areas within program/project management.

Prepare and maintain program documentation.

Provide program support for reviews, conferences, briefings, and other meetings.

Draft program schedules and Gantt charts and perform critical path analyses.

Provide design oversight including configuration and data management.

Provide recommendations and initiatives for improvements to reduce overall costs, including but not limited to business case analysis (BCA), cost benefit analysis (CBA), and e-business solutions.

Develop and implement risk management strategies and plans, and prepare risk assessments, analyses, studies and recommendations.

Identify and analyze metrics in order to track process performance.

Develop and maintain an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

Integrate portfolioinvestment decisions into all planning, programming and budget tasks.

Track and report the status of all IT financial resources as committed, obligated, and executed in the spend plan, program execution reviews, and required stakeholder reporting metrics.

Develop a mechanism to document and track IT expenditures outside of standard IT budgets.

Assist in the preparation of all documentations to support program execution and midyear reviews, follow-up analyses, recommendations, and tracking.

Support data analysis and data entry into the Program Budget Information System- Information Technology (PBIS-IT).

Compile and maintain budget formulation/POM data, and track and update documentation and issues throughout the budget cycle.

Prepare reprogramming requests and program briefings to higher authorities.

Provide updated budget controls and executive control summary reports as requested.

Other Financial Management

Otherfinancial management actions include, but are not limited to, processes supporting implementation of IT governance policies and procedures for investment and operational resources:

Conduct financial analysis, financialrisk analysis and internal assessments to include identifying and evaluating financialrisks and recommending management techniques to mitigate risk exposure.

Assist in facilitating financially related Integrated Product/Process/Project Teams (IPTs), special advisory boards, off-sites, working groups, audit teams, and other activities as requested.

Provide analytical assessments, studies and evaluations to improve financial policy development and decision making.

Maintain and align cost allocation tables in accordance with organization and Comptroller policy.

Assist in the development and documentation of business processes.

Assist in evaluating and analyzing business processes to address deficiencies impacting accuracy and compliancy with IT spending approval, documentation, and reporting which includes all processes that impact or supportaudit readiness.

Provide recommendations and initiatives for improvements to reduce overall costs, including, but not limited to, business case analysis, cost benefit analysis, e-business solutions.

Assist in the implementation of recommendations from external audit organization.

Assist in the preparation of the annual and periodic statements and certifications.

Assist in the preparation and updating of internally and externally requested acquisition- and financial management-related data calls.

 Funds Execution (FX)

Proper funds execution (FX) requires that agents of the Government, both civilians and contractors, maintain public confidence by implementing proper safeguards with regards to federal money. Established internal controls to ensure both the efficiency and effectiveness of execution functions. The areas of support are with:

?Information Technology Procurement Request (ITPR) Process

? Funding Documents

? Accruals and Reconciliation

? Fiscal Year Closeout/Startup


The FM and execution tasks Lead shall have a demonstrated experience level not less than 7years of defense budgeting and lifecycle cost estimation.  Myst be proficient in MicroSoft Office tools/applications.