Field Supervisor

Sensient Technologies   •  

Livingston, CA

Industry: Manufacturing & Automotive


8 - 10 years

Posted 53 days ago

This job is no longer available.


Responsible for all aspects of harvesting and planting the "crop" in a manner which will meet goals and objectives of the division, through direct supervision of harvest supervisors and indirect supervision of all salary, hourly and maintenance field personnel responsible for planting, harvesting and delivering crop for dehydration. Plan, coordinate, organize and schedule daily production meeting the processing needs of the California processing plants. Provide effective leadership to all contacts inside and outside the Company, which are necessary to further the goals and objectives to the Company.


  1. Through direct supervision and leadership of harvest supervisors and indirect supervision of all field staff, position is directly responsible for planting to harvesting (field production operations) and delivering crop for dehydration.
  2. Directly responsible for planning, organizing and scheduling all aspects of field production operations and to communicate such plans as necessary.
  3. Provide leadership and direction to field staff ensuring specific objectives relating to all aspects of field production are understood and work toward minimizing risks to crop and Company. Directly responsible for ensuring adequate training of employees which will meet all requirements of operations including safety, and Job Safety Analysis training.
  4. Ensure daily staffing is appropriate for conditions aligned with current objectives and are able to meet specific objectives of safety, quality, production and cost on a daily base.
  5. Communicate as necessary to all contacts inside and outside the Company, which are necessary to achieve safety, quality, production and cost on a daily basis.
  6. Position must aggressively participate with multiple key associates on a daily basis. Key associates may include: harvest supervisors, labor coordinator, field coordinators, trucking dispatchers, general field labor, maintenance staff, director of field operations, field representatives, seed department personnel, growers' contacts, research personnel, plant operations personnel, administrative personnel, etc. Participation must be thorough and effective, analytical and interpretive in nature.
  7. Position is directly responsible for daily performance and upkeep of planting/harvesting equipment. Working with the maintenance superintendent and through harvest supervisors, maintenance staff and through equipment operators, position oversees all aspects of harvesting equipment. Provide effective leadership to personnel meeting daily equipment needs including operating, service, maintenance and repair.
  8. Perform crop inspections and yield estimates for designated fields. Use the information gathered from these inspections to better forecast and set the harvest schedule. Be vigilant about communicating known or potential crop issues to the appropriate colleagues.
  9. Maintain positive relationships with all the growers in your assigned area. Prospect new growers in your area and new areas where we do not currently grow.
  10. Collect the information for and create field maps. Accuracy and timeliness of our maps is critical to success.
  11. Facilitate the collection of information from our growers. Food Safety, Sustainability and Organic programs all require paperwork and sampling. Mentor our growers on the paperwork process. Ensure all samples are taken and delivered in the appropriate manner.
  12. Constantly work toward the improvement of safety, quality and production.
  13. Promote department and divisional constant improvement efforts as assigned.
  14. Performs all other duties assigned.


Analytical/Interpretive Complexity

Position involves a high level of analyzing and interpreting ever changing conditions related to safety, labor requirements, crop conditions, field conditions, equipment requirements, production requirements and quality impact. Leadership and directions must be based upon an active constant effort of analyzing and interpreting.


Planning skills must include the ability to formulate and maintain schedules for multiple objectives. Schedules include labor requirements, production up time and downtime, trucking/delivery, equipment usage, in-house maintenance, etc. Planning and scheduling criteria are established by working through harvest supervisors and with various inside and outside contacts.

Independent Choice

This position entails a great deal of independent choice. There is substantial policy interpretation related to labor, supervision, cost factors, quality factors, equipment usage and daily crop production. Independent decisions of position have a large impact on a wide range of important issues. Working through others position must constantly develop multiple options toward meeting immediate and long term goals and objectives.

Management/Leadership Controls

A high level of leadership is accepted with this position. This position must provide effective leadership to numerous personnel within in the field operations. A high level of leadership skills is required to align personnel and various contacts with immediate and long-term goals and objectives.

Extent of Management

This position directly manages all aspects of field production operations. This position is directly responsible for all field personnel who control the production equipment and labor that are germane to daily field production.

Directly and indirectly manage all field production staff. Directly manage salary harvest supervisors (3-4), indirectly manage salary field representatives (2-3), salary mechanic/supervisors (7–9), and 50-100 hourly field personnel.

Revenue and Asset Accountability

There is no revenue accountability. However, revenue streams from field production operations are significant. This position must have a detailed understanding of revenue streams and must provide planning, direction and leadership to all inside and outside contacts which, further revenue accountability. Position is responsible for daily upkeep of all field equipment assets, including use, maintenance, service, repair, transportation, safety and control.

Budget Accountability

There is no direct budgetary accountability. However, position is directly responsibility for controlling daily harvest costs within crop budgets of labor, maintenance overheads and raw material overheads. Position is required to provide direction and leadership assuring best value for money spent.

Impact of Decisions

Decisions made pertaining to use of equipment and labor can affect the economics of direct and overhead associated costs. Position must have an understanding of downstream impacts of the immediate production process. Daily decisions made during field production can affect the cost of production and the cost of quality. Creativity and proper judgement must be used effectively to reduce processing and production costs and improve finished product quality either directly or indirectly. Best-fit decisions through organization, attention to detail and scheduling will effect overall harvest and production costs. Ability to focus on these "best-fit" decisions is a must.


Daily contact is made with all levels of personnel within the department. Daily contact is also made with several contacts outside the department. Due to the geographic nature of field production, most contact will be made via mobile communication. Develop sound working relationships with all contacts so that expectations are timely known and our goals and objectives are achieved in an efficient manner.

Working Conditions:

Work is performed in many types of environments. Daily work during field production is performed outside and subject to the elements. Weather conditions can be extreme with temperatures ranging from over 110 F to below freezing. Extensive travel from the Mexican border to the Oregon border, approximately 40,000 miles per year is entailed. Extensive over-night travel will be required during harvest and planting. Most field production conditions are usually very dusty and require long hours in the field 10 to 14 hours per day.

During periods of non-production, work is in an office setting. Office work comprises about 10 % to 15 % of annual work time.


B.S. in Agriculture related field, or, seven to ten years' experience in agricultural harvesting position in row crops.

Minimum of seven to ten years' experience in agricultural harvesting of row crops. Position must have a solid understanding of general farming, specifically, planting, cultural practices pre-harvest operations and mechanical harvest. Detailed knowledge of mobile agricultural equipment is required. A detail understanding of equipment systems and consumables parts with revenue and budgetary understanding. Good computer skills are necessary.


The Sensient Natural Ingredients group is part of Sensient Flavors & Fragrances Group and is one of the largest producers and distributors of dehydrated onion and garlic products as well as chili powder, paprika, chili pepper and dehydrated vegetables such as parsley, celery and spinach. These ingredients are used in many of today's popular convenience foods. The Natural Ingredients unit is located in Turlock, California.