Executive Director, Mergers and Acquisitions

Gundersen Lutheran   •  

La Crosse, WI

Industry: Healthcare


5 - 7 years

Posted 53 days ago

Position Summary

The Executive Director of Merger and Acquisitions oversees, plans, and directs all aspects of an organization’s efforts to achieve growth through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. The Executive Director identifies, analyzes, and determines feasibility of possible mergers and evaluates their potential impact on the corporation’s growth and profitability.

Additionally, the Executive Director will have organization wide business acumen and leadership skills to effectively work with senior leaders and new acquisition leaders to ensure the integration model is meeting the organization business needs and outcomes. The Executive Director will lead continuous analytic and strategic assessments with important financial implications and recommendations for acquisition management.

Major Responsibilities1.

Research & Prospecting: The Executive Director is tasked with conducting research on prospective firms and preparing customized presentations for business executive teams to use in negotiation meetings. In this role the Executive Director collects large amounts of data on other business’s, companies, firms etc., and becomes highly knowledgeable on the competitive landscape within the geographically assigned area of consideration.


The Executive Director takes initiative to contact prospective mergers and acquisitions and prepares appointments for prospective businesses to meet with corporate leadership and senior management. The Executive Director directly researches and approaches merger and acquisition targets through multiple channels inclusive of internet prospecting, employee referrals, networking, database searches, internet ads, and so forth.


Analytics: The Executive Director also has an analytical role and is tasked with the formulation of financial reports based on shared private and public information, inclusive of the prospective business’s company revenue, staff resources assessments, and general due diligence. The Executive Director also conducts research and analysis on prospective business’s consumers as well as their industry sub-sectors and takes initiative to contribute to those businesses.


In this role, the Executive Director initiates the tracking of key metrics and ensures that the data gathered is accurate and current after which reports are created for senior leadership for consideration.


Strategy: The Executive Director will play a strategic role in enhancing marketing materials and acquisition stories that position the business with potential targets. The Executive Director develops detailed industry materials for various industry sub-sectors, plans, prioritizes, and delivers marketing enhancements. It is also the duty to maintain healthy consumer relations during the period of a merger or acquisition deal from formulation to execution.


The Executive Director empowers mergers and acquisitions efforts by designing suitable solutions that address business process needs and key infrastructures. The Executive Director is tasked with staying up to speed and aiding the business in translating the potential merger or acquisition targets into current prospects using the business’s language and methodologies in order to initiate the process of realizing the potential business target.


Collaboration: The role of the Executive Director is a collaborative role and in this position, and will work closely with senior leadership on all prospecting activities. The Executive Director also works collaboratively with this senior leadership in identifying merger and acquisition targets within the business’s market. The Executive Director also participates in systems implementation projects alongside senior leadership, for example, test execution, or issue identification and resolution.


The Executive Director additionally works with internal and external technology teams in defining associated systems and business processes necessary to facilitate the merger or acquisition at hand. The Executive Director also maintains close contact with various internal teams in the business in order to guarantee the smooth running of the execution process.


Performs other job-related responsibilities as requested.

Scope of the Job Age Specific Population Served: Nonage Specific (N/A)
OSHA Category Category III - No employees in this job title have a reasonably anticipated risk of occupational exposure to blood and/or other potentially infectious materials.
Position Qualifications Education and Learning: Required Bachelor's degree in Business or Accounting or Finance or Economics or a related field

Desired Master's degree in Business or Accounting or Finance or Economics or a related field Work Experience: Required 5-7 years of strategy development and/or operationalization and Merger and Acquisition experience. Desired 10+ years of closely related professional experience. Skills and Knowledge: Ability to or Knowledge of... Required Reasoning/Decision Making be flexible
be determined
be professional, honest and have personal integrity
be decisive
have positive attitude
be patient
develop new skills and keep abreast of new knowledge

Communication excellent oral and written communication skills
effectively communicate in technical and lay language
communicate with ease on a professional level
make a persuasive, clear presentation of ideas or facts, to both large and small groups of internal and external audiences

Leadership problem solve - evaluate, analyze, negotiate and recommend alternatives
planning skills
statistics and mathematics
legal and regulatory standards
decision-making skills
plan, organize, execute assignments to meet deadlines
business principles and practices
work independently: self-disciplined
establish priorities in accordance with organizational strategic plans and management objectives while meeting deadlines
company/organization goals, policies, procedures

General - All Positions work cooperatively with a wide variety of people
have professional attitude in regard to motivation, cooperation, flexibility, confidentiality, ethics and personal development
direct people
motivate people

Computer Systems/Software/Applications use Microsoft Office Products, Adobe and other similar applications
operate computer