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New York, NY

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Our direct client is looking for ETF, Index Analyst professional in New York, NY.


Job Description

The primary objective of the role will be to supportdocument and improve operations of the Client's Global Index Group and help grow its products, services, and clients. Success will be measured primarily by how accurately and efficiently work is performed in the course of executing daily tasks, projects which will improve operational efficiency. The candidate is also expected to make significant contributions to improving efficiencies in daily processes and workflows. This can be achieved via both technical means (programming) and method-based (change in the order of operations, elimination of tasks, consolidation). The candidate will also be documenting operational processes for audit and compliance purposes. While operational automation and documentation is a priority, client support and interaction will be a key part of the daily responsibilities involved. The new role will require a client-first, proactive approach to taking in inquiries, working with clients to understand their needs, escalating and prioritizing issues/questions, and reverting back to them in a timely and comprehensive fashion. This will require a knowledge and genuine interest in not only finance, but the areas of Indexing, ETFs, passive investing, smart beta, and other innovative frontiers in our business line.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Operational support and analysis for Index and iNAV calculation business
  • Maintain ETF and Index products within proprietary calculation and publication system
  • Daily administration of custom ETF/ETN baskets for iNAV calculation – preparation of custom baskets and complex ETN models before market open
  • Daily maintenance of all calculated indices – researching and announcement of corporate actions, intraday monitoring of system calculations and supporting clients on market data.
  • Build tools to support time series models for ETN baskets and corporate actions.
  • Index Rebalancing/Reviews and New Product Development
  • Run applicable screens and algorithms and perform necessary research analysis
  • Ensure rebalances communicated to public and reflected in system
  • Develop automated tools to ensure backtesting and rebalancing is done efficiently
  • Coordinate System Enhancements and Development of Index Data Products
  • Work with system developers and project managers to test system enhancements
  • Work with NYSE’s Market Data Group on index data products


- A resourceful and driven individual with knowledge of global markets and corporate action monitoring and processing is required.

- Understanding of global indexes and portfoliovaluation techniques.

- Must be proficient in Excel and other Office tools

- Must be proficient in at least one object oriented programming language. The team uses VBA, Python.

 - Must have a working knowledge of Oracle / SQL databases.

- Proficient in market data terminal systems such as Factset/Reuters/IDS or otherfinancial data terminals.

- Bachelor’s degree is required, but not necessarily in finance or economics (for example, mathematics)

- Detail-oriented, organized, attentive, driven, client-focused, and team player

Location: New York, NY (Downtown)

# of Positions – 2

$80K - $475K