Engineering Coordinator

Industry: Manufacturing & Automotive


5 - 7 years

Posted 54 days ago

Position Summary


Performs complex specialized function-related tasks within such areas of finance, purchasing, maintenance and engineering or for a specific project/business/technical unit. Responsible for providing confidential administrative support and analyzing plant data for the Factory Engineering Manager. Arrangements for related team meetings and transcriptions of meeting minutes. Support SAP capital budgeting and purchasing process between Engineering, Finance, and Project Engineers. Examine the workflow process and make changes/recommendations where required.


1. Provides technical and financial support to the Factory Engineering Manager and the engineering department.

2. Update, track and retain departmental documentation such as the Contractor's safety documentation (GMP's and Hot work permits), Factory Emergency Action plan, end-of-month accruals for utilities and engineering hours, and NSAT.

3. Assist the Factory Engineering Manager in organizing, managing and retaining the departmental financial reports and documentation such as Monthly Capex reports, record "energy used" in the RS Energy Matrix program, supervises the CES contract for the factory's security camera system, and manage the reporting of the capital and expense budgets in SAP.

4. Plans and directs several small projects of minor complexity such as supervision and operation of the factory's security camera system and its employee computer access system.

5. Assists the engineers to help organize, implement and archive all required project paperwork including initial cost estimates, capital appropriation request, project turnover file, closing statement, and post project audit.

6. Utilizes SAP proficiently to manage the reporting of the capital and expense budgets, clears blocked and parked invoices from GR/IR report, tracks PO's that require invoicing or closing, records and requests payments for utility services, generates monthly Form 10 reports, creates Requisitions and PO's for approval, enters data to assist the engineers with the Asset management program.

7. Creates WBS (Assets) with SAP; creates Purchase Orders; monitor spending per project; maintains and submits spending reports to Glendale; performs accounting functions as they pertain to Capital projects (journal entries, "Small" project swaps, entry corrections); resolves problems relating to invoicing; creates and posts final fixed assets with SAP at the completion of the project; handles all transactions related to sale, transfer or disposal of fixed assets

8. Engineering/Maintenance duties: Orders Maintenance and Engineering supplies through SAP, P-Card and GLOBE EBP, Month-end reconciliation for all credit card purchases, assists Sr. Engineer with compiling information for FESOP reports throughout the year, does small projects as assigned for the Engineering department.

9. Assists other departments as necessary.

10. Track and assist in scheduling of department training program.

11. Coordinate engineering and maintenance travel, training & expense records

12. Participate / Coordinate weekly meetings, providing status reports on projects.

13. Weekly maintenance and reconciliation of capital detail spending reports.

14. Establish new SAP vendors, project and contract requirements.

15. Maintain Contractor Database (COL, GMP & Confidentially), Contractor Safety Handbook and conduct contractor safety overview training.

16. Helps with asset creation, identifies tagging, and completes budget for depreciation.

17. Run, develop, and analyze reports for capital, expense, utilities, training.

18. Analyze engineering/maintenance spending trends via reports from SAP/GLOBE.

19. Assist in the management of capital, extraordinary, parts, outside service and 3rd party maintenance budgets.

20. Develop customized reports and tracking methods to improve department / factory performance.

21. Assist in the KPI tool development for Engineering/Maintenance. Develop tracking methods and data extraction for KPI trending.

22. Training support for Project Systems (capital, extraordinary, and expense items).

23. Coordinate outside vendors and equipment specifications as required.

24. Obtain Quotes for projects as required

25. Assist with technical purchasing.

26. Resolve SAP invoice exceptions and weekly blocked aging report.

27. SAP asset allocation and management for all capital related projects.

28. Manage retirements, transfers, and idle assets.

29. Assist in other projects as assigned.


Minimum of five years of applicable experience in a technical or financial environment.


• Ability to independently establish, implement, monitor and supervise financial procedures for capital related projects

• Excellent communication and organizational skills, particularly as they would apply to supervising technical and financial information

• Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with and for a number of individuals while balancing priorities

• Strong PC skills, particularly in database management, spreadsheet applications and GLOBE / SAP

• Ability to create and edit basic spreadsheets as well as business graphics applications

• Ability to handle confidential matters and information


• Service Orientation - Wins the customer's trust in order to advise and direct him towards mutually attractive solutions; provides prompt and attentive service and goes the extra mile to satisfy client needs and expectations.

• Results Focus - Shows a significant level of effort, persistence, and time commitment to achieve goals.

• Proactive Cooperation - with internal and external partners is needed to develop and maintain an open environment where challenges and disagreements are viewed positively.