Electrical Power Systems Engineer - Advanced Development Programs

Blue Origin   •  

Kent, WA

8 - 10 years

Posted 271 days ago

This job is no longer available.


As part of a small, passionate, and accomplished advanced concepts team, you will be responsible for the architecture and design of Electrical Power Systems for various spaceflight systems, which includes power generation, storage, regulation, and distribution to vehicle subsystems and payloads. This position will directly impact the history of space exploration, and your dedicated commitment and detailed attention will further the cause of safe and repeatable spaceflight.


  • Create and maintain Electrical Power System (EPS) budgets that track power generation, consumption and storage during all relevant portions of a mission.
  • Select electrical power system architectures appropriate for the mission from options such as direct-energy transfer, battery-clamped, peak-power tracking, and myriad regulation schemes.
  • Establish margin and power consumption growth allowance best practices for conceptual design.
  • Create and maintain drawings and diagrams for power distribution, system grounding, and bonding
  • Create models and simulation of the EPS to evaluate use cases and conditions
  • Preform analyses such as voltage drop/line loss, component derating/stress analysis, and worst-case analysis
  • Trade combinations of various power generation and storage solutions such as solar arrays, fuel cells, RTG's and batteries (especially Li-Ion chemistries).
  • Specify and select power distribution, conversion, and control components. For example, centralized vs. point-of-load voltage conversion.
  • Estimate the size, weight, and power consumption of EPS components
  • Effectively communicate development status, risks, and challenges to management.
  • Work closely with systems and design engineers to develop integrated design solutions, rapidly assess conceptual designs.
  • Write cogent and succinct technical memos and devise innovative, intuitive, and delightful ways to visualize quantitative information.


  • Minimum of a B.S. degree in Electrical or Aerospace Engineering or equivalent
  • 7+ years industry experience in electrical power system design and analysis
  • Engineering software experience in power simulation and analysis tools (SPICE, MATLAB, etc.).
  • Experience with high-voltage space power systems.
  • Experience with a scriptinglanguage or platform such as MATLAB or Python
  • Experience working collaboratively in small teams on fast-paced projects
  • Exhibit excellent judgement and be comfortable making high-quality and high-velocity decisions
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (current Green Card holder)


  • M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
  • Experience with electromagnetic interference and compatibility a plus, especially in the space environment.
  • Experience with nuclear power for space applications
  • Familiarity with version control, preferably Git.
  • Experience with collaboration tools such as Confluence and JIRA