Electrical Engineer - Automation and Machine Design

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Half Moon Bay, CA

5 - 7 years

Posted 282 days ago

This job is no longer available.

We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to develop Ground Equipment for our small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/UAS) that deploy around the world. This includes launching, landing, battery charging, backup power, communications, and more. You will be designing for harsh environments, ease of operation, and very high uptimes.

Some examples of our Ground Equipment

    • High power/high speed servo-electric UAV arresting system
    • Very high power servo-electric UAV launcher
    • Sophisticated power distribution and UPS systems
    • Networking of ground equipment and UAVs
    • Process automation to increase throughput & reliability of an on-demand delivery system


    • Design an extreme duty UPS solution for our ground operations to support all ground systems and refrigeration systems for blood and vaccines.
    • Design the power and safety systems for our vehicle launcher that puts tens of kilowatts of power into the vehicle over a fraction of a second to get the vehicle up above stall and above obstacles.
    • Design industrial automation solutions for vehicle recovery and pre-flight test.
    • Own a high level ground system hardware integration strategy that enables incremental upgrades of individual ground systems and is easy and safe to manage in the field.
    • Define electrical component requirements based on overall system performance requirements.
    • Design overall electrical control system including transformers, circuit protection, power supplies, and I/O.
    • Perform detailed power design, specification of facility power requirements, and integration with facility power.  
    • Manage fabrication, integration and system testing.
    • Develop & manage validation test protocols for the electrical system in conjunction with the  overall electro-mechanical system.
    • Document design specifications and test protocols.
    • Manage technicians and outside vendors.


    • A detailed understanding of servo-systems, sensors, servo drives and control components.
    • Detailed electrical design knowledge of power components such as contactors, breakers, from facility power through to motor drives.
    • Experience with voltages up to 600VDC, 480VAC 3F, and associated transformers, fusing, wiring and connectors.
    • 5+ years of hands-on experience in industry with electro-mechanical systems and electric actuators.
    • Design for simplicity/reliability. Equipment will operate outdoors in harsh climates where spare parts and servicing are limited.
    • Designing for safety and code compliance.
    • Strong ability to document and draw clear schematics.
    • Attention and patience for detail. Being a small company, responsibilities span from concept through manufacturing/training.
    • Ability to understand and work with other disciplines. You are able to talk inertia with a mechanical engineer or floating-point math with a software engineer.
    • Ability to manage people and vendors. You should be able to manage technicians working directly under you and contract manufacturers doing remote assembly work.
    • Motion and Power systems. You should understand motor control systems and servo drives.